Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tasty Pune

No longer am i living in Pune. Pune enchanting Pune. Mystic Pune. Who writes what on this blog and i can only write about Pune. The Pune where winter mornings were to be spent at Wadias watching colours snugged in sweaters. Eating Cheese Toast, Double Cheese Omelette, Icecream Soda, and Orange-coloured Tea at Vohumans Cafe and teasing Hormazd uncle at the counter. Owns a merc and travels on a luna. The Sarson da Saag and pickle and kheer at the langars at Ganesh Peth Gurdwara and Holywood Gurdwara. Watching the mirrors inside Goodluck Cafe in Deccan while sinking your teeth into Bun Mhaska. Listening to the bookies talk and watching the guys at Yazdan and munching sliced Broon Butter finger by finger dipped for a sec in small cupped teas. The fat regular Bawa or Irun (dunno which) would say "khake gaya ke haga" if he noticed brun crumbs on his favourite seat. The healthy salad with the sumptuous Biryani sitting in the attic top at Diamond Queen. Checking for Vinod Kambli as we dipped in sauce the Paneer Pakodas at Supriyas. The smell of the tandoori chicken as one drives past Blue Nile. The Dhansak and Patrani Machchi at Dorabjee's on Parsi New Year's Day. Going dazed in mind and stomach after a big haul of mousse, tiramisu and cakes and drinks at Just Baked. Never could afford to pay the bill though always managed to find someone to take you there. The great Misal Pav on Ferguson College Road opposite the police ground. The SPDP's that you can never stop having from Vaishali. The hot Wada Pav in front of the Parsi Agiary behind JJ garden in camp that had the power to stop anyone passing if he had a whiff of the Wadas. The mayonnaise inside the burger and the chutney sandwiches and the Peru(Guava) juice at Marzorin. The Mysore Masala Dosa with red chutney on the dosa and raisins and cashew-nuts in the masala at Madhuban. The choco walnut cakes and shrewsbury biscuits at Kayanis. The spicy mutton Biryani at SP's on tilak road. The Pav Bhaji at Relax in Sahakarnagar. The Tea and Cream Rolls at the Amrutulya opposite Bharat Natya mandir and playing carom before the marathi plays were to begin. The mango tree at Bharat Natya Mandir. The samosa at Gurunanak's in Kalyani Nagar. The thick thick lassi at Shree Kailash at Pune station. The wafers from Budhani waferwala. The cold coffee and anda bhurji at Durga's(Durga doesn't have branches anywhere else in the world) at Kothrud. The malai-kulfis at J.M. road at the start of the two wheeler bridge. I could go on and on and on. Tasty Pune heh