Friday, May 29, 2009

Jai Ho

Welcome A. R. Rahman for 'Jai Ho' concert! in Pune

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Support Petition to Oppose an increase in FSI to 4 in Pune

Dear fellow Pune citizens,
It is apparent that Pune needs a comprehensive public transport system.. While we may debate and have personal opinions and preferences about whether we need a BEST like bus service, BRT or Metro (probably a combination of all), one thing every Punekar wants is to ensure that Pune does not become yet another crowded city like Mumbai. In the name of finding money to build a Metro and BRT (and funds for latter are already available from Central Govt) the PMC wants to pass a resolution to allow a FSI of 4 along the 110 km of BRT and 75 km of Metro. PMC wants to allow a strip 500 meters wide along Metro and 200 meters wide along BRT to be given a FSI of 4!!
Simply put, imagine buildings as tall as 16 floors along Satara road, JM and FC road, University Road, Karve road................
The biggest paradox is that the project report justifying the need for the Metro and the PMCs proposal for getting its General Body to approve for a FSI of 4 clearly state that Pune is already over crowded, that it needs efficient public transport including a Metro and then suggests that to increase ridership the areas around metro needs densification and hence a FSI of 4 is justified.
The time for staying a mute spectator is over. Its now down to every Punekar to raise a voice of opposition to stop the destruction of our city. I urge all to sign this petition against the idea of increasing the FSI.
Forward this to everyone. When 10000 people can come together in London to protest against G20 and Iraq war, I am sure Pune can manage to get 10000 people to sign a letter of protest through 3 simple clicks of the mouse.
Act or be Acted up on.