Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ladies Seat Campaign

Hi Pune, I am from Himachal working in Pune(HInjewadi).
Whenever I travel through the Local Buses(service is good as compared to my place,far better) the only disheartening thing is that people don't sit on the proper side in the bus. The "complete" left hand side seats (which is although ambiguous in itself) are reserved for the ladies but I rarely see ladies sitting on them.
Most of the times those seats are occupied by "Gentleman" of all sorts and mostly by the IT people(I am also of that race/creed/breed) and the ladies are standing :(
Be it corporation,Station, guys have made it a habit to sit on the ladies seat.
So what I want "us" to do is to start an Online campaign to make the things right :) In this, this blog can help me, please take into consideration, this proposal.
I have prepared a plan, to carry on with this plan I need the support of fellow blogger s.
Through this, we will try to make people aware of their rights and the Transport authorities aware of their responsibility, because I hardly see them doing the right thing and In case it is a matter of giving "change" they will star hurling abuses at you in Marathi, wish is my personal experience :(
I would like to join the community as well :) waiting for your response
Tarun Goel

I mailed the administrator when I was in Pune, now I have left Pune, but still Online Campaign can be started. The mail was sent on Sun, Mar 1, 2009, but at that time THIS blog was in hibernation, I guess :), so couldn't proceed.
But someone has said once, better late than never :)
Waiting for response(s)


Pritash Chaudry said...

I applaud your initiative. I am not sure about others but I can help. Mail me your idea @

Onion Insights said...

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Tarun Goel said...

I Was out of my place, but I expected more than what we have :)
Nevermind,we can still wait for other people to see this at least

Onion Insights said...


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shri said...

Hi Tarun

First of all Congrates for taking initiatives.whatever u have mentioned in the blog is all about reality while travelling through bus specially in pune.I advice all ladie that everyone will have full rights to act against(Make them realize that its ladies sheet)the jantalman sitting on ladies sit.
If anyone will have any difficulty or problem while doing such actions i am ready to help u through our campaign (Mail me at

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