Saturday, December 20, 2008

Give your views on SB Road, Pune - bus priority proposal

I am writing to with a request to give your opinion on the SB Road Bus Priority Proposal I have submitted to the PMC. To collect views of people, I have created a web survey form. You may offer their initial views by visiting this form here - This survey has only 4 Yes/No questions and a free text box for your comments / suggestions and should take only a minute of your time.

However, before filling out the, please make yourself acquanited with the SB Road Bus Priority Scheme Proposal from the two part documentation below -

Part One of the proposal is available here - (2MB)
Part Two (FAQ format) is available here - (1MB)

In summary, the SB road reportedly carries up to 58000 people per hour during peak time. Yet, this road is served by a fleet of 15 buses and 5 routes at a frequency of 1 bus every 46 minutes, worse if we take in to account the two trips per day made by the 6th bus route.SB road connects Aundh/Baner/Pashan with Paud/Kothrud/Deccan and many regions south of Karve road - none of these come anywhere close to proposed BRTS corridors. In fact BRTS corridors alone equate to just 10% of Pune's road length!! This proposal demonstrates that bus priority can be implemented on narrowest of roads and with route and frequency rationalisation, majority of Pune can be served very well with just 1000 buses.

Pune and the regions connected by SB road need better bus based public transport first and not the elevated road over SB road or indeed the short tunnels from Paud and Pashan to SB road. These measures will most certainly create another Nal Stop on SB Road by bringing far too much traffic from different directions on to SB road.

SB road, in its current state, despite carrying 58k people per hour is never congested or has no history of traffic jams. This is because there is only one junction of any significance on the entire road (Vetal Baba Chowk which brings small amount of traffic from Model Colony end, much of this areas traffic is shared with University road). Thus, the SB road acts almost like a via duct or an elevated road already. If it experiences any congestion, it is only at the University road end where the badly planned and executed flyover has rendered all exit / entry connections with SB road significantly narrowed.

As ICC Towers, residential blocks and 5 star hotels come up on SB road, many will be interested in visiting these facilitiess and an elevated road over SB road will only ensure that there is perpetual traffic congestion and jams under the much narrow roads under the elevated roads - this is experienced already around E-Square and those who have visited Mumbai would have experienced this in Parel area where an empty flyover connects to Mahalaxmi race course while narrow roads under the belly of the flyover are jammed as vehicles attempt to make way to the residential tower blocks and super markets built on adjacent mill land.

So please, do go through the above links and make sure to give 2 minutes of your time filling out the survey

Part one covers in more detail and is 31 pages long:

  1. Current state of SB Road – demonstrates sub-optimal use of available road space along side blatant abuse of an arterial road for parking Proposal – SB road bus priority scheme
  2. Extension of the scheme to BMCC, Bhandarkar and Prabhat roads as well as FC and JM roads.
  3. Law College, Paud phata and Sus-Pashan roads get a mention as well in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Route / frequency Rationalisation and overall mapping of North-Western Pune.
    Conclusions & acknowledgements
  5. The FAQ / Part Two also has several additional details and is 9 pages long.

My best wishes to you and your family for the new year. Lets continue our resolve to ensure the administration provides the right facilities rather than spend public money on irrational flyovers, elevated roads and tunnels. Please feel free to forward / share the above with all you can.

Warm regards & thanks.