Friday, September 19, 2008

How Good is your Road Safety Knowledge - download the 170 questions e-quiz

For some time now I have been working towards making available an Interactive road safety quiz database for Indian road users. Here is the entire quiz database of 170 questions available as two interactive quiz e-book's to test your knowledge of road safety related issues. This is a free downloadable resource for all who are preparing to sit the theory driving test as a part of licensing procedure. The latter is rare as most states in India still have not implemented a mandatory theory test for learner drivers. Hope is that Road Traffic Authorities in India use the above as a starting point for implementing a mandatory theory test for all new learner drivers. This resource is also likely to be a perfect way of refreshing the knowledge base of those who have been driving for several years. The 170 questions are available as two separate e-books. Basic Road Safety Quiz / test (67 questions in all) - As an exe file or as a zipped file (under 1mb). Advanced Road safety Quiz / test (103 questions in all) - exe file or as a zipped file (just over 1mb). Feel free to forward and share this resource with everyone.
Adhiraj Joglekar

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