Friday, June 27, 2008

BRT - Why it does not excite me

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as it is currently planned in India is suggested as the one-size-fit-all solution to our transport woes. Having travelled on Mumbai’s bus service (BEST) for thirty years & London’s public transport since 2001, I can’t share the optimism of those who believe BRT (as it is currently planned) is the way forward. When senior citizens, children & disabled struggle to cross the roads safely, one would hope for a solution that improves all aspects of mobility. I wonder why a city like Pune would spend crores of rupees on BRT when 40% of its roads don’t have pavements. That almost a third of Pune citizens commute by walking makes the question more poignant.

I have for some time now tried to find an answer to the question. My quest has led me to assess available information on the BRT projects implemented in India’s two cities. My understanding has grown but as have the questions. Our BRT planners unfortunately have overlooked many issues.

My analysis is as detailed as I could make it, I also regularly update it and it has several links to case studies / examples, those interested please visit

Adhiraj Joglekar


Anonymous said...

Well it does not excite me ..and am sure a number of other people too.In addition to the reasons cited by you I have another one. When I see hundreds of hardworking people,paying taxes through their noses, stuck in traffic just because there isn't enough space on the roads they are 'allowed' to use ... while the broad empty roads 'alloted' for the glorified BRTS look back at them in mockery .. I feel sick. But then even if this is a country for/of/by the people ... who really cares what the people want. Everybody bullies the common man ... the govt, the society,the boss .... everybody.

Anonymous said...

I have found some very good topics on which you have written in this blog. So I have a request ... can you please write something on the construction of mobile towers above buildings ... irrespective of how old the building is .. or whether the residents of the top most floors want them or not?Not to mention the emotional trauma the residents go thru ... and the physical trauma the building goes thru.
We are being recently harrassed by the society members just for the huge sum of money they will be getting as rent from these companies. Can you please make us aware of this .. pros and cons .. in your blog?
I will be grateful if you can include the legal aspect as well.

pune Real estate said...

Well it does not excite me ..and am sure a number of other people too...........Well it does not excite me ..and am sure a number of other people too.


The Shaolin said...

Neither does it excite me...
But, of course, there is a very clear and unmistakable motive behind all this BRT BS... M O N E Y.
There is some SOB with enough muscle and contacts (and possibly, intellect) to pursue government into believing BRT is the solution to public transit. And has gotten away with it!
I have seen this disastrous project take form on infamous Kartaj road. Not only is it ill-planned (I bet any 3rd year architecture/civil student could have done a better job of planning it) but also a big hindrance to other traffic/people and a major source of confusion about lanes to already lane-illiterate Pune'ites!

Abhijit from Miraj said...

yes u r right the indian govt or any state govt in case, just want to make new proposals and schemes from which they can earn lots of money. how about maintaining the roads. Even the maintainance work carried with a motive that i would be soon washed out so that it has to be carried out continously.

Abhijeet said...

Hi Nice initiative. I would like to joing punebloggers community.

Please guide me.

Anonymous said...

let us assume that there is no BRTS... what is the alternative for a common man who can't afford to travel by metered auto... from hadapsur to pune railway station auto wala will charge 140Rs... its not more 10% of auto when it comes to BRTS...I agree & respect all of your opinions.. but there is something good.