Thursday, August 16, 2007

$40 Million Hindu Temple in Toranto - One of the most beautiful Temples in The World

The Indo-Canadian community raised $40 million to construct the mandir, and received no government funding. There are also stone mandirs in Houston, Chicago, and London, England, as well as India.
The mandir is carved entirely out of stone and marble following ancient Indian traditions. The builders used no steel or nails; instead, interlocking stones support the heavy ceiling.
Limestone for the many stone carvings was shipped from Turkey to India. There, craftsmen carved the stone using mainly chisels and hammers. When finished, each piece was shipped by sea to Toronto. Turkish limestone was chosen for its ability to weather Canadian winters.
It took 18 months to build the mandir. The temple is made of Turkish limestone, Italian marble and Indian pink sandstone. Bar codes and computer tracking ensured the pieces would be assembled properly, much like a high-tech jigsaw puzzle.Construction reached a hectic pace in the final week before the official opening.The foundation of the mandir alone weighs 3,000 tonnes. It required the largest amount of concrete ever poured at a construction site in a single day in Canada.
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