Friday, June 08, 2007

Microsoft Surface - You gotta watch this

Microsoft unveiled a brand new product for POS interfaces - Microsoft Surface. It’s multi-touch, as seen in the computer demo videos that we’ve seen online for ages, and it is very similar to the interface of Apple’s upcoming iPhone.
This new technology from Microsoft, which is essentially a computer table, if popular, will bring about a fundamental change in the way we interact with computers. Fanboy bias aside…this is really, really cool.
You can check out some videos explaining how Microsoft Surface works, by clicking here.

The Surface has to be the most intuitive computer ever built. The 30-inch flat panel monitor belies the technology stacked below it. From photos to maps, to clicking photos and transferring them to your phone-all done wirelessly- by simply placing the devices on the Surface seem to play magic tricks on your eyes. The explanatory video leaves you spell bound to the unlimited possibilities achieved by this computer. Running on a Windows Vista platform, the touchscreen allows you to grab, resize and manipulate things in a jiffy. Ideal for bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and other places where interaction with menus, maps, games or other information is maximum. The use of mouse and keyboards seems redundant. The Surface can recognize and interact with media devices placed on it wirelessly and effortlessly.The Surface from Microsoft has been snapped up by T-Mobile stores, Harrah’s and Sheraton hotels for about $10,000 a piece. The first lot will ship later this year.

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Javed said...

Yes a really cool concept. You have to watch the videos to see how smoothly it works (or supposed to work). I think Microsoft is finally going the Apple way to make products where the 'design is everything'.