Sunday, January 14, 2007

Robots - More Human Less Computer

Robots - When I hear this word, my mind thinks of Japan. Funny and useless robots are more then present in the technology sphere of Japan. But do we know what robots have achieved? New Robot Looks Strikingly Human Now imagine a girl besides you in a train being a security robots who can scan your body with X-ray vison? Scarry? If thats not enough, Robots Can now ‘Mate’ and Evolve. Believe me. Imagine Haivng a Robot Life Tree? Also imagine that they go on “Mating” and create a robo army to fight against Human Race? What more, even if we hurt them, New Robot Adapts to Injuries. Am I talking about Matrix? Thankfully people have come up with the idea of Human Thoughts Controling New Robots. So for the time being we are safe.

Imagine Robots walking like animals? You call a dog squad to catch a dog just to find that its not a dog? Its because Big Dog Robots are Now in Puppy Stage? Robot can now Swim Like a Squid. Also a remarkable micromotor will allow tiny robots to swim like an E. coli bacterium, which uses its flagella to move around. Now there are Snake-Like Robot who can Handle Tight Spots. What about a Robot Mouse.

Can Robots Be Polite? Yes? Can they Patrol on Point ? And soon you will find Friendly House-sitting Robot Coming to Stores Soon.

Imagine LAW for Robots? Robots following Law? Asimov’s First Law: Japan Sets Rules for Robots.Yes. Japan can already see Robot-Population breaking laws.



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