Thursday, November 30, 2006

Shaikh Zayed Road. Dubai.

When for the first time we travelled on Shaikh Zayed Road during night, I was completly zapped.It was not travelling on earth it was heaven, It was like a beautiful dream.
Linked by stunning modern skyscrappers, Shaikh Zayed road is one of the most dramastic road in Dubai, with 7+7= broad lanes.
Sheikh Zayed Road (arab. شارع الشيخ زايد) is a highway in southern Dubai, United Arab Emirates, running parallel to its coastline from Trade Centre Roundabout to the border with the emirate of Abu Dhabi, in the area of Jebel Ali. The highway has several interchanges, what is usually referred to as exits in the USA, to enable traffic to go on and off the highway. These interchanges commonly lead to roundabouts (rotaries) to enable traffic to exit or to go to the other side of the highway.

The road was formerly known as the Trade Centre Road. In the 1990s the highway was overhauled and renamed after the late president of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahayan. The first stretch of the highway between interchanges one and two is home to most of Dubai skyscrapers including Burj Dubai, currently under construction, and Emirates Towers. The highway also connects to other new developments such as The Palm Jumeirah.
The road has been nicknamed "Refrigerator Row" by locals, as the positioning of skyscrapers resembles a line of appliances
The only purpose of this blog, is to show our fellow politicians and PMC, where the world has moved ahead and where we stand in camparision.

Congratulation for Blog Century

Dear Pune Bloggers, Congrats and celebrte, Pune Bloggers have just completed century with my last blog. This is 101th blog.

Keep it up.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Thank god. Marich was not around.

Friday, November 24, 2006


One pleasant evening we were wandering in the Sikka’s and all of a sudden I noticed a board in Marathi, “Aapli Boli Aapli chav, Aassal Maharashtrachi chav, Aatta aaplya sevet, Gharguti ruchkar, swadishta …………” and I was pleasantly surprised.
We entered in the restaurant, opened the menu to find out dishes ranging from Malvani Specials, like Kombdi Vade, Jhunka Bhakar, Barli Vangi, Sol Kadhi, Fish Malwani Masala, Jhinga Malvani Masala, Crab Malvani Masala, Bombil Fry, Bombil Masala, Chicken Malvani Masal, and then tipical maharashtian dishes like Sheera, Upma, Puri Bhajee, Sabudana Vada, Usal Pav, Missal Pav, Vada Pav, Kanda Bhaji, Kanda Pohe, Sabudana Khichidi, and then to Bhuna ghost, Mutton Masala, Chicken Masala, Kadai Chicken, Butter Chicken, Hari Bhari Sabji, Dal Fry, Dal Tadka, Aloo Mutter, Baigan Bharta, Channa Masala, Malai Kofta, Paneer Makhanwala, Chapattis, Kulcha, Rotis, etc etc. Without second thought we decided to have dinner in MIRCH MASALA, that’s the name of the restaurant. Now you will ask me what’s so special about it.
Well, MIRCH MASALA is a restaurant in Meena Bazar, Dubai run by Marathi Manus, Shri Vikrant Rohekar
We really wanted a change from Burgers and Fries and Pizzas and Fried rice and Noodles, that’s what we were eating everyday evening in Food courts in the shopping malls and were so thrilled to enter a restaurant with maharashtian dishes. I ordered Bharli Vangi, Bhakari, Jeera Rice and Dal Tadka., very tasty and delicious, simply irresistible, I must say. Two days later, we again went to the same joint for lunch and I intend to visit again and again to Mirch Masala during the stay in Dubai.
While having dinner, I found out from that lot’s of Marathi manus, away from their homeland, and from family, working in Dubai are eating in Mirch Masala only, availing their monthly tiffin services as a result not much missing home food.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Citizen Journalist Part IV

How long we are going to continue with crying over the bad conditions of roads and make ourselves happy the moment PMC repairs the road only to be spoiled by nexy monsoon? Just look at the roads in Dubai / Sharjah / Ajman


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Friday, November 17, 2006

Citizen Journalist Part IV

The roads are getting better, as you can see PMC laying fresh tar on the pothles. But still some areas go untouched. Like this one:

Description:- Come down from BMCC, through Marthwada college, to where it connects to FC Road. Just before you turn left for FC road, you will find this spot. As there is a continous downward slope, vehicles have to brake hard to avoid the bumps. There is washed out tar over there, which is all the more dangerous as vehicles tend to skid when braked hard.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Citizen Journalist- Part III

With traffc so heavy on the main roads, the by-lanes are getting clogged due to vehicles. One such by-lane near my house looks like this....

Description:- If you travel straight from Karshima Society, cross the signal straight ahead, you come to road which connecs you to Mayur Colony. Where you turn left, there ar two continous bumps, which might force the rider to loose control. Plus being a steepturn makes it all the more dangerous.

PMC , it seems, has taken up to mend the roads. Here is one such spot which I mentioned in my
first post. Though it has not be rectified fuly, still the danger level is lessend.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Preparing for CAT

The last time I heard, these guys were giving out free classes for CAT in pune. If you want to join them now, I guess you are too late. Hundreds of students seemed to be pouring in the first week itself. Anyways, if you like, you could make do with their blogs. The one on English is run by Ankur and Massey, and it's called Cat Verbalised. There is one on Quant called Cat Quant Simplified, which is written by Chandra.

Chandra, who is a 94 batch IIMC alumni, had quit investment banking to start teaching Quant. He has been at it consistently for the last 9-10 years, and has a huge fan following. Massey passed out of The Hindu College in Delhi about 5 years back, and has been teaching English forever. They say, he knows everything about English, one possibly could. Finally, there is Ankur Suryavanshi. A supposedly 2002 batch computer engineer from AIT, Pune, who defied the lure of software engineering to teach.

So if you are in Pune next year, and you want to take a good chance at the 1000 rupee lottery conducted by the IIM's, and you want personal attention for a not so personal fee, and you want a guarantee that you would be taught by the best guys so that you can get to the best colleges, join these guys. (no they haven't paid me yet, but I am hoping they would sometime). I know, I know, coaching classes for any exam are useless and I never go for them anyways, but if you are hell bent on going to one, then go to these guys.

PS. They call themselves takzhila (or something like that)

Also, for those who are not really interested in CAT, you might like to know where to find Charas in Manali ;)

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