Friday, November 17, 2006

Citizen Journalist Part IV

The roads are getting better, as you can see PMC laying fresh tar on the pothles. But still some areas go untouched. Like this one:

Description:- Come down from BMCC, through Marthwada college, to where it connects to FC Road. Just before you turn left for FC road, you will find this spot. As there is a continous downward slope, vehicles have to brake hard to avoid the bumps. There is washed out tar over there, which is all the more dangerous as vehicles tend to skid when braked hard.


Medha Purandare said...

Good work ! So,we have still hope.

harekrishnaji said...

Dear Adwait,

Its for real and really hard to believe. When for the first time we travelled on Shaikh Zayed Road during night, I was completly zapped.It was not travelling on earth it was heaven, It was like a beautiful dream. Linked by stunning modern skyscrappers, Shaikh Zayed road is one of the most dramastic road in Dubai, with 7+7= broad lanes. We are far far behind as far as infrastructors are concerned.