Thursday, November 23, 2006


There is importance of social and technical networking .
And in that regards BCS MCS is best platform for every one .
Please forward info about this group and meetings . And ask your friends to join this groups .
Make these meeting successful.
Please give your information or just name and phone number as volunteer .

Amit Karpe
9226745408 .


Amandeep said...

DSRF Institute Kharadi(Pune) Sucks.
My sincere review of DSRF.
This is a kind of shop they openedon the name of educational institute.They don't know how to operate the classes and college.The director Prem Anand is some ex army man,doesn't know how to speak in an educational institution.His behaviour is rude and unethical for students and society.He doesn't accept wrongdoings.Nobody is there to check him on.The college administration make mistakes while sending marks to university and doesn't accept mistake.They don't have good teachers.2 out of 5 subjects were never taught in any course.Teachers who take classes ,come and go without puting any effort.Students have to pay for extra tuitions after payiing in college.It really sucks.Not a worth to take admission.Beware of this college.

Anonymous said...

you dont have any right to talk about DSRF, who are you?
it is one of the best institute.
it's fees are much more lesser than any other institute, and for your kind information it is toatly non profit institute.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amandeep if you thimk DSRF Suck then i dont think you are mature enough to do your post graduation or whatever , i am an ex student of DSRF and i know the quality of the institute , i am in the field of academics so i know the so called big names in academics actually sucks. Col. Prem anand has to desire to make things good for you guys, give him his credit not some teenage frustrated onesided reviews

Anonymous said...

my name is jignesh i think bcs student is very clever in programing as compare to the engi student

sachin399 said...

hi freinds my names is sachin and im in f.y.b.c.s.well my question is what is the use of maths in b.c.s

Anonymous said...

DSRF Kharadi is really a bad colllege .They don't know how to run a college.You are right.Prem anand is not the right fit as a college head.
He shows his army tactics which is irreleavant here. There should be some academician to be a head who can show some versatality to run it.College
is much behind to other colleges like Poona collge etc. but its fee is very high as compare to other colleges.They don't prepare students for high tech market.That is not their goal.Their only goal is to make money.
Students don't get their due. Think twice before going to take admission there.

Aarif said...

Hi All,

Looking at comments for DSRF, following thing is coming in mind -The Person who has given his opinion about the good/bad things in DSRF, is his opinion.

I would like to request DSRF representative to put his comment if they are truely teaching, preparing the students with sole effort to make all the students competetive in the current market scenario. Please give some realastic analysis that will satisfy your vision, misson and goal to all of us who are directly/indirectly associated with DSRF or any institue.

Hope, we will get the correct insight on the topic from DSRF.


Anonymous comments are not appreciatable for such topic that will be related with the career of thousands of students.

Anonymous said...

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nishad said...

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nil said...

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nil said...

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sayali said...

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