Tuesday, October 31, 2006


I am in Dubai for last 15 days and I have not seen any single pothole on the roads in the city and even in the outskirts and even in interiors. (Back here so many persons dies because of potholes and nobody bothers)
I am fully impressed with the roads and the road networks, with the Roundabouts and the Interchange, which helps to prevent vehicle accidents. I have travelled so much in and around Dubai and now I can say that we are still far behind the world as far as our infrastructures are concerned. We are still talking, I mean still talking and complaining year after years, during monsoon and after monsoon and before monsoon, about the road conditions and still listening to the promises and assurances of our Leaders and Municipal Corporations on improving the road conditions.

At present, Dubai Govt.has undertaken 15.5 billion AED project of building Metro Rails all over, the work is in full swing, but not a single person including vehicle traffic on a road is affected because of the work. All the work area is well covered from the pedestrian's safety point of view and it's well maintained.
One day I noticed a news and photographs in Newspapers pointing out careless workers not wearing safety helmets and I was surprised with the news. The safety hazard was immediately picked up by the press and brought to the notice of authorities.

And we are satisfied with Mumbai - Pune Express way. The one and only one.

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JUDA said...

Considering Dubai is ruled by the King, he is a rich guy! the comparison is not very good cause you cant compare Indian/Pune roads to dubai's man! Yeah you can compare our roads to IRAQ's believe me they look better than ours (atleast in the various vids of th war) even after Tanks have rolled on them and a trillion Kilo tonnes of bombs dropped there they look better than pune's roads. I think our politicians have joined the WAR ON TERROR and that is being fought with our roads hahaha. Well driving any where in pune is like riding a camel who has a stomach upset! Every thought of your car touching the road is a sore thought. I think all the politicians "the gaurdian" (so called )politicians "the MPs" are have a good time with our money. They dont know how bad the roads are cause they travel only on the VIP roads and ofcourse in Lexuses and Prado's and Mercs. Anyways, let alone the roads the whole town planing of Pune is crap. It has corruption written all over it. Believe a determined (with lots of Cash) business man can open a Wine shop in a hospital if he want in pune and it would be legal. hhahhhhaha