Monday, October 09, 2006

Cricket ka Faluda!!!

With the champions trophy started we are all subjected to a punishment of the so called coverage by Sony. I have hated any thing to such an extent before. First of all I fail to understand what this fuss is about cricket weds entertainment. Tell me whats more entertaining than an engaging dual between McGrath and Sachin and Sachin dancing down the track to hit McGrath. Aren’t lara, Murali, Asif, Akthar, Jayasura, Ponting et al entertaining? What is need of people like Rohit Roy and Mandira Bedi in the box? What do they understand abt cricket as people like Barry Richards and Tony do? It was a shame to watch Sony making Tony dance with Mandira and Rohit roy. Can’t they utilize these people’s (Tony and Barry) time in a better way to discuss the game, strategies and teams in a more sports like professional way?
It’s a shame for all us Indians who say Cricket is our passion. Why are we letting such things happen? Its better to turn to Radio. Its high time that these channels become professional in sports coverage. ESPN STAR was much better (though they started some silli Shaz waz show). Guys nothing is as entertaining as sports if you let experts play and narrate it. Not people lie Mandira and Rohit and ofcourse Siddhu.

Can somebody put a silencer or off switch in this poor fellow’s throat. I am sure such trick would win a Nobel Peace Prize!!!


harekrishnaji said...

Well written, Vishal,

I fully agree with you.

Shikari Shambhu said...

actually I think the coverage is pretty good...

if you are so verrry interested in cricket only discussions, then maybe you could just switch over to any one of our so called news channels...

these people at sony are trying to do something different for the first time, ofcourse they are doing it for ratings, but still lets laud their efforts
and yes, its a hit. surely got them in news. nobody is talking abt DD which is covering the same event.

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