Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pune Roads - Should IT people raise their voice??

Pune - The so called IT hub of Maharashtra. some extent.....

But whats the ground reallity???
Sadly, grappled with poor infrastructure, mainly roads, poor public transport....
Thanks to corruption, mismanagement by corporation, and most importantly politics....

I am working in one of the IT companies in Pune.
And being in Pune for sometime now, I found that IT community in Pune very suppressed and silent about the issues.

Is it not our responsibilty or need to raise our voice and standup for a good cause.
Should we not do a kind of rasta roko or protest in front of the corporation.

One of the worst of the instance of poor road maintanance is the Aundh-ChestHospital Road-Wakad-Hinjewadi road.
This road is the worst maintaned road in Pune.
Suppose to be one of the main road connecting City to the Hinjewadi IT park.
Same is the case with University Circle-Baner Road-Bypass Road-Hinjewadi.
So I request to all to get together and contribute to the improvement of the road conditons in the City.


Anonymous said...

And the same contractor who had repaired(?) the roads before the rainy season has been again awarded fresh contracts to repair the damaged roads. What can you expect from this corrupt Municipal babus and the public servants.

Ady said...

Right..You can't expect things to work efficiently...but YOU CAN DEFINITELY DO SOMETHING about it.

Visit the group

and be a part of making this city better.

On Saturday members of the group held a protest at PMC against this decision..We are optimistic that they will rethink or reverse this decision..and we will fight till we get a satisfactory response.


Medha Purandare said...

There is online petition filed to be submitted to Smt.Sonia Gandhi for Pune Roads.Author is Mr.Vivek Velankar. I have signed it.
Somebody check out, or I will find that link and post it here.

Anonymous said...

To protest against the bad roads, few days back a group of people, cornered Pune comissionar in his office, our dear mayor went on another protest against this. She said that when there is no gurantee for life, how people can expect 15 yrears gurantee for roads. And other corporation staff commented that they have put Pune city on international map with zero contribution from the citizens.
Three cheers to our shameless comissionar, our mayor and their staff members.