Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Top 11 reasons behind the Blog pandemic !

This is my first post on this Blog as a contributor and I feel like a newly wedded bride. I am not sure if I am allowed to post an article which I have already posted to my personal blog- www.worldofindia.blogspot.com earlier, but I thought the subject is so interesting (and apt in today's times) that I should go ahead.

This post was written as part of Darren Rowse's group writing project on Problogger.net. Enjoy.....

Top researchers list 11 reasons behind the Blog pandemic

-Most people who Blog are sure that they have 'gifts‘, which are waiting to be 'discovered'. Finally, all these people have hit upon a publisher who won't (or to be more precise- can't) say 'No'. So Bloggers conveniently take that as a 'Yes'.

-Many people who would normally quit Blogging a month after they have started, hear about people like Darren Rowse and their “six figure incomes“. Hope then springs eternal in the human heart.

-If we don't write and read and link with each other's Blogs, who else will?

-Blogging does not need any technical expertise, as long as you can manage to press CTRL+C and CTRL+V, in close succession, repeatedly. The rest is mere detail.

-Bloggers are entrepreneurs who want to help the earth. They believe in forward and backward integration. They can produce content, become their own readers, click their own ads and often write comments to their own articles. In other words they can produce and consume in an endless eco-sustainable manner.

- If you are unemployed, Blogging gives you a license to tell your mother-in-law that you are now a freelance 'writer'.

- To get girlfriends, kiss & tell, to solicit sex, to dream of making money sitting at home, get cheap thrills from virtual fights with virtual enemies, acquire bragging rights, copying rights, squatting rights - in other words, everything that you always wanted to do but were too bald and boring to try.

-To be the ‘Expert’ and ‘Thought leader’ on a range of topics you scarcely have a clue about.

-Even if your life sucks, you can still manage to make people feel jealous of you, after they read your posts or your profile.

-So that you can help guys like Darren Rouse make their millions, under the ostensible reason of helping you make the same.

- It is an excellent addition to your already considerable nuisance value.

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