Thursday, August 31, 2006

Our Festivals Enjoyment or Nuisance?

Its 11.45 p.m in the Night. Time to go to bed, to close your eyes and just go to sleep after day’s tiring hard work is already passed. Sleep is still miles away. You know the reason? Ganapati immersion procession of Sarvajanic Ganeshotsav Madal which started around 8.00 p.m is still on. People are still dancing on the same spot with loud music and firecrackers in between for last 3 ½ hours. They are still inside the lane. When will they reach endpoint ? How long it will continue? Its never ending story.

My son has to go to college. I have to go to work. There are few sick old persons around. We all are helpless. Can we do anything about it except just listening?. Will my request to move the procession further will be accepted in good sprit ?

Why they cannot start procession early and finish it off early.

Our festivals. How much is enjoyment and how is much nuisance? Only Lord Ganesha knows.

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