Monday, August 14, 2006

Akbar Birbal and potholes

We all know story of Akbar and Birbal and Crow. Akbar asked question on how many crows are there in the city. Birbal answered that at present right now it's 300,000.00 crows. Akbar asked him how can you be sure ? Birbal said You my please confirm the same yourself. If count is more or less, eighter crows have migrated in or out of the city.

This time Punekar's question was how many potholes are at present found on the citiroads ?

Its less than last year . That the precise answer they received. Last year potholes were 300,000.00 sq.feet. This year's potholes are 60,000.00 sq.feet.
I am little bit confused. what's the oveall total. Is it 360,000.00 or 3000,000.00 or 60,000.00 sq.ft. ? ooooooooooooops my maths. Also is there any balance carried forward this year out of last years potholes ? How about pothole that has been filled or claimed to be filled last year ? How do you count potholes ? Do you actully physically go on counting like 1,2,3,4,5............................................300,000 or just take a measurement tape found with Road Contractors and measure the area ? Is there any tender taken out for counting pothole in PUNE ? Its so confusing. You know.

On a serious note , for my injured and painful back just one and only one pothole was enough. more than enough.



Vikram R K Nandwani said...

Great blog.

umeshsant said...

watch out! we might fall in one of them like our good young PRINCE

paradox said...

was touched by the pothole story. actually i jas moved to pune last month. i knew pune rds are not best in the world, this yr after monsoon, it seems there are no roads here. PMC has laid only stones and rocks around to mark that this area is suppose to be roads.

i think PMC currption with rgds to road is definitely world class.

sainty prevails.. let there be roads or let there be potholes.