Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Calling all Puneites

Hello Puneites,

If we want Business in Pune to flourish then we have to fix the city infrastructure.

Better Roads group Pune, is organizing an public event to protest against the pathetic conditions of Karve Road and PMC's callous handling of projects.

All Pune people are requested to join us in the morning on Sunday, 21st May 2006 we will form human chain along Karve Road for half an hour. We won't disrupt traffic nor will we stage a rasta roko. In most peaceful manner and in large numbers we will make PMC hear us.


For details please check the files section in the group

Yours truly,

- Better Roads group.


Viky said...

There is a protest march against quota system on 21st. It goes from University Circle to Corporation Circle.

Vishal said...

Yes. In such case pls change the time for this issue in order allow more people to voice their support.

Gina Kale said...

I came across this site earlier and I think it serves the cause that most Puneites are fighting for!