Saturday, April 15, 2006

Madness in Bangalore!!!

On 12th April 2006, Kannada Film actor, the legend Rajkumar passed away. This saddening event affected everybody in Bangalore. Be it Kannadinga or non kannadinga.

Every person who knows Kannada must know Rajkumar. I know little kannada and I had seen some of his movies in childhood and still remember some melodious songs that used to play on Akashvani Dharavada in my childhood days. He was referred as Annavaru meaning big bro by all his fans. One great thing about this legend was he never ventured in politics specially being a south Indian superstar make it cake walk to grab CM’s seat. How humble he was that he refused to be all powerful politics. Hi contemporaries like NTR and MGR were big shot in politics after attaining superstardom in Telegu and Tamil films.

I was in Bangalore on that day and the next day too. What happened in Bangalore shocked me. I had a thought if Bangalore being a very peace loving city compared to Mumbai or elsewhere (of course the city flares up some times like Kuavery water dispute etc). But on that sad day some miscreants were out on streets pelting stones, burning vehicles and destroying all that came their way. Even the family members of the legend were seen trying to calm the crowd. Is this the way to treat the family? They had lost more than legend in this tragedy. But these people who were rioting had little respect for Rajkumar and his family. They can not be called his fans.

Well I was in Bangalore for professional reasons and was staying in a guest house with one more guy. No doubt it was a different and difficult experience for us. It started from evening of 12th Nov as all major offices got closed with news of the legend’s demise. I reached the GH by 6.30 PM and by that time streets were deserted. No shops open. Fortunately we had some noodles to eat that night. Next day we managed to cook something for lunch which left us empty for dinner. So on 13th evening we walked out in search of food!!! And to surprise got some chat items at a corner in city. That took us 6 kms of walk as no autos or buses were plying. In all it was an unforgettable experience.
Adding to boredom was no program on tv except news and kannada channel. Thankfully I know kannada to see some programs on Rajkumar. But for other it was beyond imagination.

Well I also mourn the loss of Kannadingas in particular and India in general. But the incidents that happened after his death are a matter of shame to all of us as society. I wonder where r we heading in terms of social values and respect for each other.


Anonymous said...

Banglore deserves Roits, the reason is simple, there are billions of dollars being poured in the city.

This means there are lot of people making fantastic amounts of money, but do they give a damn about the city welfare. They just sit in the AC offices 14 hours everyday expecting the TaxMoney to be used for the country.

Well Shame on them, that tax money is used by politicians to pet Goondas, and thats the reason Banglore will get regular Riots. I hope many IT people are killed in them.

Viky said...

@Anon: Bangalore does not deserve any riots. For that matter, no city desreves it.

Just because foreign money is coming in does not make it a riot deserving city. Foreign money is being pumped into Pune, Hyderabad and gurgaon as well.

It is just that the fans did not get a glimpse of their much loved icon.

And shame on you, being a fellow blogger, you hope that IT people are killed. Are you human enough?

@Vishal: Check out for more on Dr.Raj. In him, Kannada film industry has lost a colossus.

தமிழ் தீவிரவாதி said...

Hai Anony,
In Bangalore only outsiders earn , this means u natives are not eligible to earn in ur land.Shame on u .
U are not suited for living in ur pace ,and u scold others who has enough talent to survive in a foreign land .

Pity on u