Friday, February 10, 2006

Objection, My Lord.

I do have a lot of respect for Ramachandra Guha, and the wide range of issues he tackles through his writings is an apt testament for his scope and insight. However he probably is most famous for his book, 'The Corner of a Foreign Field', which YT is currently reading. A major case taken up by Guha is life and times of Pune cricketer Palwankar Baloo, a spinner widely respected, even by the British during his times in the Bombay Quadrangular in the 1920s and 30s. Thus Baloo and his 3 brothers who all played cricekt find considerable mention in the book. Also D.B.Deodhar, a past cricketer hailing from Pune is interviewed etc.

Mr.Guha however is extremely confused it seems as to what to call the city. He start of with

'Cricket was brought to the ancient city of Poona ...'
and later
'Less polite was the Mahratta of Poona'
This is probably excusable, because primarily 'Poona' might have been used to signify the 'Pune during the British times' and also because the Poona/Pune confusion is one trap that I have seen many non-puneris and esp. non-maharashtrians fall into.

However this nomenclature later degenerates to
'The Mahatma was sent to the Yerawada jail near Puné
. to signify post-independence Pune. I understand Mr.Guha's need to be 'correct' in the traditional sense of the term, but here, sadly, I must conclude that he is being a bit pretentious.(and I do not use the term lightly)

This would be a good time to clear once and for all, that the name we prefer for our city is indeed 'Pune' - no further mutilations please.

That's all my lord.


My Daddy Strongest said...

Who is YT. quote "YT is currently reading"

the voice of reason said...

What crap ? Of the zillions
of topics begging to be blogged about, you choose a thoroughly uninteresting and peripheral aspect of an underwhelming book.

Unequivocally Sub-Standard.

Abhishek said...

gee. thanks.