Saturday, February 25, 2006

I was in Pune

I was in Pune for the past two days. The place where i spent the first twenty years of my life. My house in Pune is up for sale. We are selling not just a good asset. The house means a lot to me. Like a huge banyan tree which houses a thousand birds. Over time, a thousand memories. Now, we are just cutting the tree for firewood. My father arrived last Sunday from Kerala and he needs the money. I asked him a good reason other than money for selling the house. He said that it seemed like yesterday when he saw my younger brother crying in one corner of the house, everyday, while he was doing night shifts 40 kilometres away from home and mom was not well. He said that those desperate days came back to him and haunted him for the decisions made then that are affecting us even today. He says the house failed him even though we stayed in the best part of town. And now it's responsibility time again cause he needs the money to give his sisters according to grandfather's will. And my father is one person who never ever shirked away from his responsibility. And i won't be an obstacle this time around. Though it does make me realise that places that we live in are not just brick and cement but a living entity just like this earth is not just a ball bearing in space. And we are cutting a live tree for it's firewood. One that houses a thousand birds.
  • The first thing i moved from the house were the photographs and photo albums. They seemed to me as the most precious possessions.


Medha Purandare said...

Right, home is not just made up of bricks and cement. Very bad to know tree cut which used to be house of thousand birds. Your father is doing his duties to be honest towards his sisters and your grandfather too. Never mind !

Here our no.of cousins are waiting to sell our old wada where everybody must have spent nearly 25/30 yrs. Just for appropriate price and internal sharing issue one of cousins has objected the idea.

My Daddy Strongest said...

Fig, hey hey hey. Medha! i didn't say anything about not knowing anything about anything i may have said. What am i saying? hahaha