Thursday, February 02, 2006

Contest of a different kind!

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Expressions!: Contest of a different kind!

Sunday evening 5 PM. I dropped my dad at Pune Station and started driving towards home. I barely started from that point and had to stop at this first signal where I was to take a U turn. It was a usual January evening in Pune. Cold enough to keep the polluted air glued to the mother earth. I saw a tall, dark, not so old man at this signal he was selling "the thing"! It was quite an attractive piece I would say at least for the two young lads who were the targets he was eying. Raju, a smart young lad sitting on his papa's scooter, behind him was observing this man Dark, red eyed, man having these "things" in his hands. At the same time just besides Raju's scooter was Karan a smart, well dressed 3-4 year old kid who was riding with his dad too but in a Merc. He was observing this seller with kind of hate and disgust for his dress and outlook. But that was all interleaved by a serious look at "the thing!". He use to look at the man in disbelief and then at "the thing" with surprise and desire.

"The thing" was colored in yellow, red, sky blue and black. The colors made it look flashy and desirable by any kid. All that the kids in this age want is attention and care. All of that would not been possible through this "the thing". But, one thing for sure that it would given the owner a sense of being different and attract some attention.

The street seller now had two new customers to attend; both did not have capacity to buy even a piece of that "thing", but still had enough power to get the attention of their parents to this seller who was trying to indirectly sell this to them. This is a different contest of sorts. The seller does not try to sell this to the customers directly but rather sells it to consumers who would demand for it in turn making it mandatory for the direct customers to buy it.

The two juvenile lads had now fixed their eyes on the object of desire. They were trying to decide "should I tell about this to my dad? Will he scold me?" there was no difference between the two kids as far as their desire for "the thing" was considered. Their fathers' buying capacity apart, they were both equally zealot about it. The eyes were now speaking.

Karan was getting all jittery, "will I get it somewhere else" was the expression. "I know the guy might be a bad guy; But what he is selling is not bad!" Raju had no different views in fact he had by now shown it to his father.

The seller was now standing between the two vehicles with Raju on his left and Karan on his right. He was trying to show them how good his product. Bright colors of "the thing" on his own skin were looking quite a contrast making it an immediate eye catcher.

Here there was another contest going on; The one in the children's mind an in-fighting with themselves with one side saying that’s just an ordinary thing why do you need it? The other side trying to convince the first, that's not you would get in the store (General store / Pune Central).

Finally the two kids make a demand to their parents. The parent's who just shrug it off earlier saying it is not good, reluctantly had a look at this "the thing". They are un-impressed. The seller is not moved by the shrug from the parents. He persists with his skills, once maneuvering that thing on the Merc’s window and the other time giving it to Raju to handle it. It (the touch) was something Karan missed coz he was in that sealed envelope of comfort called Mrec!

Amidst the entire drama I just looked at the counter over the signal it was now counting in the late teens and moving backwards. The seller had only over 15 seconds to sell the Mask to the children. They both wanted it, their parents weren't interested. The counter was running. Raju and Karan's parents looked at the counter and decided against buying it coz they would miss the signal if they did.

Counter went off the Merc and the scooter started moving the seller was disappointed this time. He could not make that last effort. Time ran against him. But, he was not dejected, he knew next time this signal goes red again their might come two or more of Rajus and Karans. He just moved aside for the traffic to pass by and wait for his turn to make it good again.

He is one man who fights this small contest everyday several times. He must be getting bored he must be getting irritated at his fate but still his persistence and perseverance is something that needs admiration. It was as if he was saying "Do not worry pal if you could not sell some goods to someone this time, make a new effort the other person might take it!"

Do we in our daily lives not try to SELL some or the other "THING" to some or the other person?

Tough question huh? A nice contest to contend I think!


Medha Purandare said...

I fully agree with your views.
By writing blogs what we are selling? obviously, our ideas. Hope u too agree.

Rudra said...

yes I agree!

Biswadeep Ghosh said...

Hi Gaurav,
A Pune blogger here. Do check this out if possible.