Saturday, December 31, 2005


Sakaal has started its blog Sakaal Blog. One interesting thing is they used for the blog. It is a very good initiative form Sakaal. Sakaal is the main newspaper in Pune district area. People call newspaper as “Sakaal”. First post of Sakaal blog contains

A new year gift for every Sakaal reader and blogger across the globe!

You can post your thoughts, views, articles, news on it and be sure, the best of 'blogged expressions' will appear in Sakaal also!

So, get going...

Sakaal should post to the blog on daily basis. Also there should be some Marathi posts.


Medha Purandare said...

Ys.,everybody must have read in yesterday's "Saptrang" supplement of Sakal reg.sakal blog. Quite interesting !!!!

Medha Purandare said...

Anil, congrats, your blog- anildigital found place in winners list of Indibloggies.
Then Gaurav and Satish too are there. Anybody else among winners?

Congrats !!
This blog needs to be more interactive from Pune members/visitors.

Anonymous said...

News papers , I dont trust them.

Times have changed now, newspapers and lecturers are used to give onesided ranting with least possible interaction.

but intrenet news forums have slaped that tradition. If this message is deleted I wont feel anthing bad, I will just go to another forum.

Freedom of expression, where it is there is the future.

- Saint Scientist.

geetikaberry said...

Hello Pune! I am back in the city after a span of 13 years n before that it was just thru the young express i would communicate to u all! but now thanx to this advent of globalisation and revolution in the field of communication! that we can now blog,convey our messages and raise issues concerning our city!
c u all again!
happy blogging to you all!
geetika berry