Friday, January 20, 2006

CM announces mass transit for Pune

"CM roots for bigger and better Pune" - Pune Newsline, Friday January 20th.

Forgive my optimism. I do really think that we might get a mass transport system for Pune after all. The CM also announced that it will be completed in the next 3 to 4 years. I would not take that very seriously. My guarded optimism stems from the fact that this announcement was not backed up by reports of any serious plans underfoot. Neither have we heard what this transport system will look like or how it will perform.

The CM also singled out criticism by vigilant citizens of Pune in the article. He has asked that they tone down their public criticism in order to avoid scaring away IT investment. IMO, the investment will leave despite complaining denizens. After experiencing power cuts, water shortages and bad traffic, will anyone really continue to stay?


Anonymous said...

this is an attempt to slow down the fleeing insvestor.

Anonymous said...

Good blog.

There is this another BLOG on Pune at

Medha Purandare said...

I hope, announcement comes in reality in near future. Punekars don't believe in promises, they believe in actions.

Sound of Pune said...

See delhi now,how it has changed from last 2 yrs

it takes 1/2 hr to reach where earlier bus takes 2 hrs to go and less pollution too

but pace of work is too slow...see the shivaji nagar flyover work,its moving at snail speed.

ONLY CONCRETE PLANS will work our chance of being IT hub will slow down.


My Daddy Strongest said...

Mass Transit should have been put in place in Pune a long time ago. I studied and discussed this for awhile and i think there should be electric trains in place from Lonavla to Pune. That's the way to grow. Bangalore has gone from bad to worse due to this kind of growth and i think today's infra in Pune would have sufficed for the Pune 10 years ago. We are way behind. Lot of catching up to do. Let's hope we do not go the Bangalore way.