Monday, November 21, 2005

Pune Blog !!

To all Pune Bloggers-

To your surprise, I reced.phonecall from Radio Mirchi and one girl in sweet voice told me that she will take my interview after 15 min. I asked her about what. She told I read your blog through Punebloggers,it was nice. She interviewed me on what is blog for,how I feel about writing,what is percentage of Pune ppl.blogging, how it works etc.

So, now it's your turn to listen Radio Mirchi tomorrow 9am to 10am. (err, you might be busy). Try it if possible. Afterall, it's all about us, Punebloggers.


SatishTalim said...

Hearty congratulations, Medha. IT's sad I have a lecture that time and can't listen in. Why don't you record, cut a mp3 and upload?

Anonymous said...

Do U know that Pune Bloggers also made it in Indian Express news ?

SatishTalim said...

Indian Express dated?

Medha Purandare said...

Here is reporting-
It was Pune Blog on Radio Mirchi and I was with RJ, Prakruti. Interview was edited from 10 2 min.or so. However, it was good to hear own voice first time on radio.

From 8 am.I think she started talking about Pune blogging and attending callers (might be she interviewed them too) from between new songs. Since my casette of old song is stuck in tape, I could not record it.

She was repeating about "Dilki bhadas nikalneke tarike" which I didn't like. And then opinion poll for it,which is 20% for shouting on tekdi, 20% for something else and 60% for blogging. I liked it !!!

Seems blogging gets geared up in Pune with this broadcasting.

Medha Purandare said...

To add-
Prakruti,as RJ tried Puneblog (thru search)and reached this blog. Then could contact me. Interview was over phone.

Yesterday's topic of her talk in between songs was Puneblogging. Let me clarify that she was joking about Dilki bhadas, tekdi shouting,blogging percentage in between songs not in my interview. Still I didn't like "bhadas" word used in connection with blogging as blogging is meant for communication, may be tech.blogs or personal diary like mine. I think, word "interaction" is more appropriate.

In actual interview, I did mention Satish who left comment on my blog to let me know about this blog initially and I mailed Anil who added me to contribute here. Thanks friends.

Sound of Pune said...

Congrats to pune bloggers,i was listening to that RJ prakriti show on blogging.

it was nice that blogging in pune is catching up.

I tried calling up prakriti when she was asking what is blogging but lines were busy like me as i was too on my way to office.

Hats off to pune bloggers.

maximus, pune

Anonymous said...

Checkout Pune Times of India, Saturday 19, 2005, Page 2. Its all about Pune bloggers and we are in it.

Gurudatta Raut said...

The comments should show date also. It can be set from comments options

amPu said...

Dear Medha,
I love blogging myself but not serious work; I'm only 15 so there's no suprise in that. Despite the fact that my work is a pole apart from yours, I do appreciate your blog and your friend, Santhosh's. I suggest you use an msn space as it is more efficient and has many more features.

prasad said...

Hi! this came in as a surprise this morning as i was sipping my cup of tea, its gud to know tht pune has started blogging!Congratulations to the team.
Prasad Lonkar

Sam said...

Hi Medha,

good to read your blog. I am Sameer - from Poora Poona - Pune's First Youth magazine. Would be great if you coulg give me a number where i can contact you and setup a brief interview with you about Blogging. We would like to invite all the bloggers at the site to contribute to the magazine as well as the blog.

Please visit for details about the magazine.

Our Blog is at


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Niraj said...

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Shweat said...

Guys, i wana learn "how to blog?" is there any one who can help.

Anonymous said...

I am new to Pune Blogger. I like the idea to meet new friends thru this blogger.

I am Srikanth. Working in a call center. I will login and create a ID next time, so that we all can blog.


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Pune Site said...

Nice to see a pune blog here. :)

Nandu Chitnis said...

Who runs Pune Bloggers...

I wanna sign in USA will ret to Pune Aug 01...


rajnikant said...


Bhavya said...

Good to know that you were on radio for your blogging. We have a Pune Bloggers group if wish to be a part of this mail me @
This year we had a Pune bloggers meet & was covered by Times of India :)

yogesh chougule said...

radio city is any time great than radio mirchi,
believe me.
radio mirchi has lost its charm.
thanks to the so called RJ's.

Alok Munot said...

On 28.01.09 - 0030 hours - a couple of friends and I saw this unbeleivably huge shooting star - the size of a bulb - sort of a comet or something - Any leads on that? Did anybody else see it?


~PakKaramu~ said...

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Mahesh said...

good to hear that u was on radio :-)

Sunil Kumar said...

Wow that was such a great experience. Can you please upload that audio clip, I'll love to listen to it.

Avinash Thakur said...

Congratulations !

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