Sunday, November 27, 2005

MSEB Electric Black Out Schedule blue

If they are gona cut power for 4 hours, then I think it better be with 1 hour gaps. i.e. For 4 hours power cut they can cut power 4 times with 1 hour gap inbetween. That will let me breath, specially in summer heat. For 12 hours 12 gaps ?

What do think about it ?


Medha Purandare said...

humm,seems we have to bear with power-cut. Heavy rains this yr.added to the problem already existed in Maharashtra.
Still, hopes are there with Pune's IT boom. Then power from agri.waste is encouraged in Mah.

Suhaas said...

My mobile service provider, upon my request, waived off the
SIM rental for the period, when there was no Network coverage,
due to their problem.

My broadband internet service provider, upon my request,waived off the proportionate monthly rental for the period during which there was no connectivity owing to a problem at their end.

The logic for this waiver is simple. The rent is charged for 24 (hour)/7 (days) / 365 (days) service. When service is not available, the SIM/Modem becomes practically useless. As such, no rental is payable towards the useless SIM/Modem.

Similarly, MSEB has been charging us a fixed amount towards monthly meter rent, as the meter is supplied by them. This rent is for 24/7 un-interrupted power supply through the meter.

For last few years, there have been a good deal of planned /un-planned power cuts (load sheding) by MSEB. Currently, it is minimum 2.5 hours on a daily basis. This means, 75 hours per month = 900 hours per annum = 37.5 days in a year multiplied by the number of consumers.

Applying the same logic, as stated above, should a PIL be filed
against MSEB to claim the rental restrospectively for the period
when there has been no power supply.

Please contribute to the issue enthusiastically, so that we get the
refund of meter rental and MSEB will have to do something for
an un-interrupted 24 (hours)/7 (days)/365 (days) power supply.