Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maharashtrian snack bar

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In a Maharashtrian city like Pune, you would expect to see a Saravana Bhavan style fast food/snack bar all over the city that serves exclusive Maharatrian snacks. But no, there are none of that kind. Yes there are the ubiquitous tapris which serve you poha, upma, vada pav. misal pav etc etc along with the South Indian snacks. But no exclusive Maharashtrian snack bar chain. Its not that Maharashtrian cusine does not boast of a variety of delicious snack items. It does, but still when you come to think of it, if you want to suggest a place to eat good Maharasthrian snacks to anybody who is asking for it, it will be hard to pin point one. There might be one place here and one place there, but not as a chain.

Instead of snack bars like these, you get to see a chain of restaurants serving generally multi-cuisine, owned by the Shettys. And on any given evening, most of these restaurants would be packed with people. So why not an exclusive Maharahtrian snack bar ?


SatishTalim said...

The only chain serving exclusively, the Maharashtrian Wada Pav are the 'Joshi Wade Wale'. But you are right, no chain that serves the whole range of Maharashtrian food stuff. The Shettys have taken over this industry!

Santosh said...

I know at least 2 places on Sadashiv Peth (Sweet home and another nameless place besides Bank of Maharashtra) that are not owned by the shetty's but by Maharashtrian folks. They choose to serve the clientele a combination of cuisines. My guess is that the people have chosen.

Anonymous said...

U forgot Chitle Bandhu

U forgot that Marathi Maanus is scared of being a businessman

All they want is a Job, that makes others rich.

Matter Mahadevan said...

Satish and pupil

will have to go check out the places you have mentioned


As i have mentioned, there might be one place here and there but not as a chain, correct me if im wrong. Unless there was a chain like this and it didn't work, how can we say that the people have chosen ?


i think chittle bandhu, is more to do with sweets and savouries, is it not ?

i m not sure of ur marathi maanus fudna :), may be ur right all i see here is, rajasthaani's run general utility stores and shetty's run restaurants

SatishTalim said...

I hope others can post some useful names and addresses of good eating joints in Pune...

Medha Purandare said...

One restau.near Sweet home viz.Tapasya serves deep fried (if you are ok with oils) thalipeeth with butter,chatni and bhakri/bhaji even. Good for change.
Is there still Bedekar Misal shop near Narayanpeth Police chowky serving special puneri misal?
How one can forget Desai Bandhu shops serving their konkan items alongwith local producers snacks?

saps said...

i seriously think a chain wont work at all.c,noone wud shell more than 5 bucks for a vada pav.nor for poha,sheera etc.Most ppl who eat this stuff are lower middle class an poor sections.if u mean 'chain' as in an ambient an ultra clean place to eat this stuff,then think again .r u ready to shell 10 bucks for a mere vada pav? gather me 100 such ppl an i'll setup a nice maharashtrian food chain thruout pune an also mumbai.

Medha Purandare said...

Humm,after reading new comment,wished to put some thoughts- keeping price 5bucks is business technique The same vada pav served in clean environment, may fetch good bucks,any doubt?
Though I dont go at Joshi vadewale, I am sure,there are many office goers ordering or standing there who are good earners. See, "Duniya zukati hai, zukane wala chahiye !!!!"

Apart from vada pav, sheera, upma (which is served at kamats too),then pohe,thalipeeth,misal like things are worth more than 5bucks for sure. So, you may go ahead for Mah.food chain restau.in Pune to start with(Not joking).

To fetch quality crowd,clean environment,good ambience is first and foremost crietaria even for Mah.food.

shivu said...

Hey ppl,
Just ran through this blog and am becoming a big fan of it. Since I am away from home....this is blog definitely a home for me..
I would suggest ppl to try out Abba's Misal and sabudana khichidi at Rasta Peth, which is near the South Indian Mess near the vegetable market. (next to the lane of Hannuman Temple)

Shri said...

Did some one tried Ramnathchi Misal.He has 2 versions 1 Puneri & another Kolhapuri.I don't know recent but it was situated at Tilak Rd.Nr.Maharashtra Bhuvan.

Anonymous said...

Ya.. I know one place.. It is POTOBA near karishma society, Pizza HUT Kothrud. Opposite to Kasat.
They serve typical maharashtrian food including "fodanichi poli or fodanicha bhat" :) TRY it out..

xpert said...

I now reside in US for last 15 years...I can never forget the south Indian mess in Rasta Peth.

It was one of the best food one can have in Pune. I can never forget the Weekend specials and Mini Feast that were served.

Can someone let me know if it is still the same small place or it has been converted to a regular hotel?

I wish the owner well.

Kalyani said...


I am new in pune & i want to eat some good food..i just search in google and i found your blog...which gives me some idea about good food in Pune.

aditya suryanarayanan said...
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aditya suryanarayanan said...

Is there any Iyer or Iyengarr mess in pune??

Prachi Joshi said...

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