Wednesday, October 05, 2005


A couple of days ago the TOI had a report which stated that BSNL’s plans to Wi-Fi enable Pune Airport had run into some trouble because of the Airport authorities demanding rent from BSNL to install the Wi-Fi equipment. BSNL was supposed to provide the service for free

Today the TOI reports that Pune Airport has be Wi-Fi enabled.
It is a 256 kbps hub which supports 20 simultaneous connections at optimum speed. It is not free Rs 35 for half an hour pack and if you frequent Pune Airport you can get an 18 hour pack for Rs 500. This has been installed by a company called Microsense.


Rudra said...

Well 20 Simultaneous Connections!!! Will that be enough once that facility is used by people? what are they going to tell people? Sir, we have run out of band width with a big hoarding hanging on their head saying we can connect you to internet at 256 Kbps!!! What is the real stuation when it really comes to delivering service? I hope they grow the number soon before we have another article statingthe sorry state of the service!

Rajeev said...

and who would want to pay in any case for half an hour's wait..Checking mail thru mobile's easier..