Thursday, October 13, 2005

Victory of Good over Bad !!

Yesterday was Dasara which is called Vijayadashami too. This means Victory over devilish things as on this day you may be knowing, Shri Ram had killed Ravan, the monster.

Apart from this, on this day "Simollanghan" too is done, i.e. coming home by crossing boundaries of town......may be it has relation with Pandawas...I dont remember exact story behind it. These days, it is not observed seriously esp. when boundaries of city are expanding. However, some ppl. go out to nearby places, exchange Apte pane as symbol of gold. (Actually, yellow gold prices were 7k for renouned shops in Pune).

Then Dasara is counted auspicious that it is complete one day amongst three and half (sadetin muhurat)days which are supposed to be most auspicious in Hindus to do important things. So, ppl. do bhumipujan, vastushant, entry in new house or new purchases etc. on this day. New clothes, ornaments are purhcased or even start of any new venture is considered. Kids are enrolled at schools first time with their first slate.

First auspicious day in the Gudipadwa which is in Chaitra (Marathi month) i.e.April, second day is Akshay Trutiya and third being Dasara (called somewhere as Dashahara too as it is 10th day of putting hara means flower mala on Godess Durga)and half day (actual full day but counted as half muhurat) is Diwali Balipratipada means Padwa.

Well, any correction and addl. info. in comment section is smilingly welcomed.


Sebastian said...

Rs 7000 for 10kg of gold is not all that expensive I guess :)

Medha Purandare said...

See, compare costs before one yr.,it was around Rs.5200/ in July,04 though 7k doesn't sound big amt.for good earners. Ys,if you wish to invest and think it's not that expensive, go ahead and buy it as prices will increase yr.after yr.