Monday, October 10, 2005

Think About it

An article on Page 2 of the TOI claimed that around 17500 trucks pass through Pune in a day. This truck traffic increases pollution, accidents and congestion. How do we solve this problem, simple build a bypass. Building (From idea to reality) a bypass takes a good decade or more. So what can we do till then.

1) Charge a toll Rs 50 per truck traveling through the city.
2) Trucks can move through the city limits only during 9 pm and 8 am.
3) If trucks want to travel during any other time charge a toll of Rs 100.

This will result in increase in revenue for the PMC and of course for the corrupt officials (i.e. officials who will take Rs. 20 from the driver and allow him to go through).

Let us say 30% bribe the corrupt official, 40% wait for the 9 pm and 8 am deadline and the other 30% have to pass during the day.

5,250 * 20 = 105,000 goes to corrupt official
5,250 * 100 = 525,000
7,000 * 50 = 350,000

So that’s almost Rs 875,000 per day for PMC


Rudra said...

Well Well Well!! From Primafacy analysis it looks good to have this solution, please try to understand one more point; Not all the trucks that pass thru are not just tracepassers or Haigway movers some are very much targetted to our own City! Some will carry Fuel for you, some will carry vegetables and a lot of other things. If we charge them then ulimately we will pay the price in the form of High comodity prices! By the way many of your Govt. (PMC and PMT) vehicles are good enough poluters.

Please do not forget that most of the times what causes traffic jams on Karve Road is a dumb PMT Driver who just throws the Traffic Rules and passenger safty to Tantrum and Stops right in middle of the road!

Although your suggestion looks Simple and Intersting but practically seems difficult to implement.

Sebastian said...

Do not charge the truck if it is not moving out of pune. And how do we know if the guy is not moving out of pune. Let us say there are 3 entry/exit points in the city A,B & C. When a truck enters through A he is asked about where he wants to go if he says he will be exiting thru B/C charge him. Now if he enters from A and says his destination is Pune then take down his registration number and enter it into the system. If this guy tries to exit from B/C charge him 100 + 100 as fine. If he exits from A then its ok .
Easier said than done. But it is do-able