Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Sad State of Affairs

A new traffic signal was setup on Monday where Nagar road meet the Kharadi bypass. On Monday evening the signal was working and there were traffic police stationed who made the people aware of the new traffic signal in place. It took a couple of minutes to cross the signal.

Yesterday (Tuesday) evening neither were the traffic police present and nor was the Signal working. It took me 15+ minutes to cross the signal


SatishTalim said...

This is quite common at most signals in Pune. I go via Mhatre Bridge around 9 or 9.30 am and invariably the traffic lights are off and I am stuck in the chaos for 15-20 minutes everyday.

Rudra said...

I guess the problem lies with us (Citizes of the City) and our mentality! We see a place to squeeze in and we try to break in to it! If that happens with everyone then we have a ripple effect that leaves everyone imapacted! Instead why not observe Traffic rules ourself! I know this will not decrease the problem a bit but then it might just get one person less doing it!

SatishTalim said...

Frankly would love to observe that. The other day, at the signal near Karishma Complex, Karve Road - there were no traffic lights but a volunteer cop. I waited 30 minutes (like a good citizen), believe me 30 mins before I could cross the signal and why you might ask - people royally ignored this guy and did whatever they wanted - I like an idiot waited for some miracle to happen!!

Medha Purandare said...

Maximum problem occurs at Nul stop chowk. At any time of the day you can't go ahead without waiting for min. two signals (and three at rush hrs. obviously). So, patience is key factor at Pune road signals. I avoid karve Rd.traffic as far as possible.

At Dashbhuja Ganpati temple bottle-neck patch, Paud phata, I used to wish, if I were a stunt actor, biking zoom above the crowd ahead in 1988 and flyover was constructed after many yrs. when we shifted out of Pune due to transfer. In between my office colleague sold house on Paud Rd. thinking that bottleneck problem won't be solved ever resulting into daily delay to office.

BTW, every home has min.2 two- wheelers apart from four wheeler at Pune,hence problem aggregates more.

Hope proper sollution like rope-ways, tram-ways, metro-trains will come out soon at Pune.