Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Best Of Luck

Best wishes to the Founder of pune bloggers (Anil) for his exams.


Gurudatta Raut said...

Ok Mr. Anil, I wish U dont wish U luck instead

I wish U best of your Awarness.

Now, Can U tell me why isnt my name in the bloggers list ?

Young Pune said...

"Win as if you have habit of winning
Loose it as if you have done it for a change"

Salute to creator of blogs of pune.
This is my first blog.


Sound of Pune said...

Best of Luck Boss

Plz add me into yr list too.


Guru! said...

Hello Anil,
Well, my wishes are not for your exams, but for pune blogging. I saw your blog's name in Pune times of TOI.

Congrates man! keep it up! All the very best!!

Me Marathi