Thursday, September 22, 2005

Pune bloggers

I have created Pune bloggers' blog today. There are many bloggers in Pune. I invite all those Pune bloggers to contribute to this blog. For that, please provide your email addresses so that I can invite you. If you accept the invitation, you can start posting to this blog.
My email address :


SatishTalim said...

Anil, this idea of PuneBloggers is good. I am sure this would catch on. One suggestion for all PuneBloggers is to tag their blog posts by using Technorati tag - PuneBloggers.

Saint Zyx said...

No this idea is vrey bad, thisis not what blogs are used for, Let give U a powerful alternative

here Just as I created a forum for Pune U can create one for Pune on the topic U want.