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Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen

Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen

A visual journey to the book Karna's Wife: The Outcast's Queen.
Authored by Kavita Kane
A Rupa Publication

The extraordinary story of the most enigmatic characters in Indian mythology - Karna - through the eyes of his wife.

Amazing reviews by

Amish Tripathi - "If you are a lover of myths, read Karna's Wife. You'll love it."

Ashwin Sanghi - "A terrific blend of mythology and contemporary storytelling..."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Change Ahead!

Trains are getting canceled and my parents have to pay for that and I am sure that several other parents are going through the same. I understand that India is my country and sir, I am an educated man, so I know the value of patience and flexibility, so I did not complain for the first four days of this stupid reservation and railway-track meetings. However, now as you don't look like doing anything, I am sure you are doing certain things, but as I am unable to see those things, so I assume that you are not doing enough to stop the damage. I wonder what stops you from taking a direct action against the people who demand such things. They might have their own set of conditions, which forced them to uproot and disturb the railway traffic but I am not concerned about that, at least my father is not. He paid all his taxes, remained in his service as a good man, served the nation for 30-40 years and at the age of 67, you do not expect him to have more patience. He has a fundamental right to relax and see this beautiful country. I don't think he needs to be worried about 5-6-10 or 49% reservations or ‘chakka-jaam’ or any other thing that keeps popping its head one day or another because it is your duty to see to that.

I bet that you are also an educated man like me and understand clearly what needs to be done in such situations and with the grace of god; you have all the powers in your hands to make a call. I am writing to you because I feel you understand that this is not right. I am hurt and I bet that several other Indians are also hurt because of this. Why don’t you send a message by appearing on TV or take some concrete step and ask people not to do this? If they do not agree then you can apply the police force. I am sure you know the rules of Home Ministry and are aware of its powers, if not then I will read the clauses and rules for you from the rule book, which will tell you what to do in such situations.

You have the CRPF and the Railway Force and I am sure you do not want the railway passengers take care of themselves by fighting against the 'antisocial elements'. At least my father cannot do this because he is 67 years old and my mom suffers from 'knee-joint problems', so I expect railways to step up and protect them because my father has paid his taxes, voted in all the elections, served for the Indian Government, so the ball is in your court and do not tell me that nothing of this sort has happened yet because I don’t want anything of that sort to happen and I am sure that you also do not want any such thing to happen.

And the irony is that my father has remained a die-hard congress supporter all his life. It might sound that I am emotional and indeed I am emotional because my little graduation degree tells me that this is plain and simple wrong. You [Home Minster] has a Harvard Degree and the honorable Prime Minster has a Oxford Degree, so I expect you guys to make better decisions and make them fast. You can also say that your plans might not make sense to me but they make sense to no one in my circle and some of my friends are from the same Universities.

You complain about brain drain and call the fellow Indians to stay back and work for their country; I do not see any country sir. All I see a reserved state of states. Of corrupt politicians, brittle bones and spineless leaders, who know not how to take care of an old man who worked for his country considering it his own country? I don’t understand how you expect the unreserved class remain faithful to this country. Even the reserved people are leaving this country sir.

I bet you are an educated and patient man sir, but make sure this patience pays off to someone. It did not pay for my father, I am 25 years old, and neither had it paid anything for me. Make sure for the coming generations, you have a better plan.


Tarun Goel

P.S: The aim of this note/letter/plea/request/anger is not praise, neither facebook likes. I want educated people to step and make sure that we make a change. Write to these ministers, they have given us the websites to write on. If the websites do not work, call the media, the news channel.

The modern age has equipped the 'educated men' with Internet, let us make sure that we make proper use of it. In words of Zuckerberg, Facebook is not entertainment, it is a platform to voice your opinion.

That is what you can do when you think of job, you can't leave your job and start running an NGO, write to them because unless you let them know, they will keep pretending 'as you do' that everything is right because it is not happening to me.

Please, please and please, do not wait until it happens with you. I am visibly hurt not because a train got canceled but because I have started questioning my decision of staying back in this country and doing something for the nation. I want support, help and 'men'. Voice your opinion. - Write to PM - For different ministries - For Delhi People - For Tamilnadu (Chennai) People - For Noida People - Write to NIC if govt website is not working - Write to IBN7 - Make a change | Be Famous - An Interactive Site

P.S- Do not wait for it to happen with you because Godhra| Dhaula Kuan| Gurjar|Aadarsh|Rape|Murder|Stamp|Satyam are very painful individual experiences and it hurts when it happens.

Avoid the pain, Make a Change


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

मै हमेशा सोचता हु की क्या घपले बाज और दागी नेताओं को जरा भी शर्म नही आती ? सच ? जरा भी नही ?
हा शायद आपकी बात सही है क्युकी इस देश के इतिहास में सद्य:स्थिति में कांग्रेसी राज में जिन घपलों का खुलासा हुवा है इन्हें सुन कर और पढ़ कर तो दिमाग के नसें टिमटिमाने लग गई ....

मेरे सुनने में सबसे पहले आया आदर्श फिर बाद में कामनवेल्थ फिर 2G फिर देश की तेज रार्रार सी बी आई की नाक सारे आम कट गई कुछ शरारती बच्चों ने भारतीय अन्वेषण ब्यूरो की इज्जत सरेआम नोंच डाली फिर कशी में विस्फोट की " तलाश जरी है नाम का झुनझुना लिए बैठी यु पि पुलिस ...... और अब आदरणीय राडिया जी का नाम आना आदरणीय इसलिए क्यूंकि वो एक पत्रकार थी या फिर अभी भी होंगी .. और सी बी आई द्वारा जाँच की जाना और तो और संसद के इतिहास में पहली दफे पुरे महीने में केवल ४ घंटे का कामकाज होना, और सुप्रीम कोर्ट द्वारा न्यायाधीशों पर की गई टिपण्णी ये और ऐसी कई काफी आहात करने वाली घटनाये घट गई जिनसे इस देश को ना सिर्फ पैसों का चुना लग चूका है बल्कि साथ ही साथ प्रगति को भी अच्छी खासी क्षति पहुंची है | एक तरफ टैक्स नाम की लुट और उस लुट का इस्तेमाल सब हास्यास्पद है |

एक तरफ विकिलीक्स ने आंतर्राष्ट्रीय जगत को फिर से चाणक्य निति का वो श्लोक याद करवा दिया जिसमे कहा गया था की किसी पर विश्वास मत करना .... किसी पर भी नही | अफगान में निश्पापों के बलि हो या फिर सारी दुनिया की जासूसी करने की कोशिश एक तरह से पत्रकारिता का विद्रोही रूप विकिलीक्स के जरिये देखने को मिला और वहा असान्जे को किसी पुराने बलात्कार के आरोप में गिरफ्तार कर लिया गया | तो क्या अभी भी लोकतंत्र के नाम पे केवल "मास एंड मस्स्ल तंत्र " नाम का राजतन्त्र चल रहा है ? जहा एक तरफ सारे विश्व भर में अमरीका को एक नं का चालसाज और मतलबी चेहरा सामने आया तो एक तरफ भारत भी तो एक समृद्ध रिश्वतखोर देश के नाम से प्रकाश में आया चलिए इसी बहाने उस हर इन्सान का विश्वास ( शायद किसी का बाकि रहा हो तो ) ना केवल उठ चूका है बलके ये भी आशा छोड़ चूका है ये सफ़ेद पोश पागल देश का कुछ हित कर सकेंगे |

चलिए कुछ करें या ना करें " भरी सभा में इस देश का प्रधान मंत्री द्वारा ए.राजा की पीठ थपथपा देना " इतना बड़ा सन्देश जनमानस में जा रहा है पर क्या करे "ये पब्लिक तो कुछ जानती ही है " ... है ना |

अब एक आम इन्सान की तरह जब ऐसे ख्याल आते है तो मै अपने आप से जरुर पुछ लेता हु ..

नौकरी मिली ?        कब तक मिलेगी ? प             ढाई कब ख़त्म होगी ?      पहले खुद की सुधरो फिर ....

चलिए काफी सारे बड़े बड़े घपले हो चुके और देश ने आराम से पचा लिए एक और ...... फिर एक और ..... और फिर .....

धन्यवाद !

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

रं राम राम पुणेकर !
काय झालं आता ब्लॉग वाच्तुयास म्हंजी पुण्याचाच म्हणायचा कि !  मग आता पुणेकरच कि ...
बरं झालं तू इथं आलास नाही तरी काय या साईट वरन त्या साईट वर हुड्या टाकण्यात कसला आलाय "आयटी"पणा ?
आमच्या अप्पाची मिस्कील मस्करी ! अप्पा म्हंजी पप्पा न्हवं बरं का !
अप्पा म्हंजी पारावरची सर्वात दांडगी गाय .. म्हंजी मोठा माणूस .
अप्पांसाठी युवराज म्हंजी माळरानाचा गडी आन गावरान बंदूक आन त्यात इंग्रजी कार्तुस !

हो गाव आणि तिथला पार , दिलफेक गप्पा आणि आपण वाढलो नाही म्हणून काय खुंटलो  तरी कुठे ?
अश्या अविर्भावात आज हि मैफिल जमते , जो कुणी बाहेर गावी जातो त्याला सगळे सल्ले देतात तसे मलाही
सल्ले देऊन देऊन सगळे सल्ले व सल्ले देण्याची तर्हा मला पुरे पूर अवगत झाली आहे .

सगळे सल्ले गाडीत बसून गावाबाहेर गेले कि पटा पट आठवायला लागतात , जवळची आपली माणस डोळ्या समोरून "ब्लुर्र" पणे सटकतात.
ज्यांनी "जाऊ नको रे" अस प्रेमाने म्हंटल असत त्यांना जवळ जाऊन समजवावं अस वाटत , खरं तर दोन चार अनोळखी माणसं आवती भोवती असले कि
पटकन ओळखीच्या माणसां जवळ जाणारे आपण .. प्रवास आणि पुढे आपल्या ओळखीच कोणीच नाही या कल्पनेनेच "चिंब पावसाने रान झाले बेभान "  होतो .
जेव्हा गावी असतो तेव्हा कसे बिंदास असतो आणि पुण्यात रस्त्यावर पण दोर पायाखाली आन आपण वर ! आपली मर्दाची चाल अन तिथे पुणेरी "काट वाक"!
इथे आपल्या पोरी अन तिथे मोठ्या बाहुल्या !!! आर तिच्या  .....
लिहायला लागलो कि कीबोर्ड घसरला अशी म्हण काढायला हवी अस मला वाटत .
पुण्यात काहीच "उनं" नाही  |
अशी म्हणच इतके रुजली आहे , कित्येक भारत फोर्ग सारख्या कंपनीत कामाला लागले आणि काही इतर फिल्ड मध्ये काम करतायत .
माझी हि अशीच लगबग या दिवाळी साठी चालू होती किती दिवस झाले " पुणे ब्लॉगर्स " माझ्या डेशबोर्ड वर आहे पण लवकर पोस्ट करन जमल नाही .
 हो तुमची चालू आहे न दिवाळी साठी धावपळ तशीच इकडे हि चालू आहे .
पुणे स्टेशन बाहेर ससून हॉस्पिटल जवळचा रस्ता सारखा गजबजलेला आणि पुढे आंबेडकर मार्ग तिथून हडपसर आन थेट गाव. असाच आजवरच माझा प्रवास .
पण आता तिथे राहायचं म्हणजे जरा अतीच होतंय पण ...
विजू म्हणते  फ्री वाय-फाय, रेडू, अन चांगल्या पगारीच काम म्हंटल्यास तू तर जाणारच रे ! इथ काय ढेकूळ ठेवलंय जे तू राहशील ? ज्ज्जा !! ज्जा रे !
मित्र म्हणजे हक्काने इज्जतीचा कचरा करणारे कोपीराईट "होल्डर" ! मी सोडून जाणार हे ऐकून यांच्या "होल्डर" वर लाईटच लागली . आता काय हसतमुखाने जातोय .
पण जेव्हा जवळ येतात आणि परिस्थिती स्वीकार करतात तेव्हा मात्र प्रेमाने एकच विचारतात "विसरून तर जाणार नाहीस ना रे ?"
खूप खूप प्रेम आणि जिव्हाळा भेटतो . आणि वाटत कश्याला जातो आपण गाव सोडून ?
खरं सांगू गावा एवढाच प्रेम पुण्यावर हि आहे पण पुण्यात हि आगाव कार्टी नाहीत ना ? त्यांना मी हि प्रोमीस केल होत कि काहीही झालं तरी एकट पडू देणार नाही .
पण आज दूर जातोय .. घोडाफोन अर्रर .. म्हंजी वोडाफोन अन रिलायंस च्या कृपेने नाईट काल्लींग चालू म्हणून कमीत कमी रडण तरी लपून लापुनच का होईना पण  होत .
मग ज्यावेळी आहो होतो त्यावेळची गम्मत ...
मित्राची आई म्हणत होती " बेटा भार वतन जरा अपनी फिक्र ले ! सीताफळ मीठे लागे हैं बिना खायेच जारा"
कार्टी : युव्या दुबई ला चालला कि काय ? और अम्मा सीताफळ यहा देव इसको " झिप फाईल मी डालके अपलोड कर देतुं " काफे मी बैठ कु खाईंगा.
आणि गडी निघाली ..
                                  चला निघायचं तर ?             भेटत राहूया .....
                                                             राम राम !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tasty Pune

No longer am i living in Pune. Pune enchanting Pune. Mystic Pune. Who writes what on this blog and i can only write about Pune. The Pune where winter mornings were to be spent at Wadias watching colours snugged in sweaters. Eating Cheese Toast, Double Cheese Omelette, Icecream Soda, and Orange-coloured Tea at Vohumans Cafe and teasing Hormazd uncle at the counter. Owns a merc and travels on a luna. The Sarson da Saag and pickle and kheer at the langars at Ganesh Peth Gurdwara and Holywood Gurdwara. Watching the mirrors inside Goodluck Cafe in Deccan while sinking your teeth into Bun Mhaska. Listening to the bookies talk and watching the guys at Yazdan and munching sliced Broon Butter finger by finger dipped for a sec in small cupped teas. The fat regular Bawa or Irun (dunno which) would say "khake gaya ke haga" if he noticed brun crumbs on his favourite seat. The healthy salad with the sumptuous Biryani sitting in the attic top at Diamond Queen. Checking for Vinod Kambli as we dipped in sauce the Paneer Pakodas at Supriyas. The smell of the tandoori chicken as one drives past Blue Nile. The Dhansak and Patrani Machchi at Dorabjee's on Parsi New Year's Day. Going dazed in mind and stomach after a big haul of mousse, tiramisu and cakes and drinks at Just Baked. Never could afford to pay the bill though always managed to find someone to take you there. The great Misal Pav on Ferguson College Road opposite the police ground. The SPDP's that you can never stop having from Vaishali. The hot Wada Pav in front of the Parsi Agiary behind JJ garden in camp that had the power to stop anyone passing if he had a whiff of the Wadas. The mayonnaise inside the burger and the chutney sandwiches and the Peru(Guava) juice at Marzorin. The Mysore Masala Dosa with red chutney on the dosa and raisins and cashew-nuts in the masala at Madhuban. The choco walnut cakes and shrewsbury biscuits at Kayanis. The spicy mutton Biryani at SP's on tilak road. The Pav Bhaji at Relax in Sahakarnagar. The Tea and Cream Rolls at the Amrutulya opposite Bharat Natya mandir and playing carom before the marathi plays were to begin. The mango tree at Bharat Natya Mandir. The samosa at Gurunanak's in Kalyani Nagar. The thick thick lassi at Shree Kailash at Pune station. The wafers from Budhani waferwala. The cold coffee and anda bhurji at Durga's(Durga doesn't have branches anywhere else in the world) at Kothrud. The malai-kulfis at J.M. road at the start of the two wheeler bridge. I could go on and on and on. Tasty Pune heh

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Online Survey - Share your experience of JM-FC one way schemes

The JM and FC road one ways are in news. Views are being sought by the Authorities and need to be submitted by 19th Sept 09.

For those who wish to share their views / experiences about JM-FC road one way scheme -

Here is a small online survey - Click Here

The more views / opinions / expereinces the better as the planners ought to understand the user views (no one can be a better expert than you about your daily commute to work / school / shops and back).

Thursday, July 16, 2009

On a GM platter

Yes, this title has been used as is from Indian Express . And for a reason. I do not know the level of awareness among my fellow Puneites towards genetically modified crops. It is something like modding an old fiat with a cool looking oomph-drawing body just to be let down by its performance.

I find it strange that there has been no negative press with regards to this issue in India. However in the USA - this article generated quite a buzz. Without jumping to kill the messenger, I would look at the message - Cancer is killing farmers using GM seeds, either directly or indirectly.

So I am trying to understand how much awareness exists among puneites in this matter. Is this something that is being overlooked? Anyone?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Putaani Party

Trailer of the Kannada feature film 'Putaani party'. Produced by: Children's Film Society, India Scripted and Directed by: Ramchandra PN

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ladies Seat Campaign

Hi Pune, I am from Himachal working in Pune(HInjewadi).
Whenever I travel through the Local Buses(service is good as compared to my place,far better) the only disheartening thing is that people don't sit on the proper side in the bus. The "complete" left hand side seats (which is although ambiguous in itself) are reserved for the ladies but I rarely see ladies sitting on them.
Most of the times those seats are occupied by "Gentleman" of all sorts and mostly by the IT people(I am also of that race/creed/breed) and the ladies are standing :(
Be it corporation,Station, guys have made it a habit to sit on the ladies seat.
So what I want "us" to do is to start an Online campaign to make the things right :) In this, this blog can help me, please take into consideration, this proposal.
I have prepared a plan, to carry on with this plan I need the support of fellow blogger s.
Through this, we will try to make people aware of their rights and the Transport authorities aware of their responsibility, because I hardly see them doing the right thing and In case it is a matter of giving "change" they will star hurling abuses at you in Marathi, wish is my personal experience :(
I would like to join the community as well :) waiting for your response
Tarun Goel

I mailed the administrator when I was in Pune, now I have left Pune, but still Online Campaign can be started. The mail was sent on Sun, Mar 1, 2009, but at that time THIS blog was in hibernation, I guess :), so couldn't proceed.
But someone has said once, better late than never :)
Waiting for response(s)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Disgusted by Investment Bankers

I am finance professional with aspiration to become a significant investment banker in the global market. So with the same motive I do keep a close watch on capital markets & respected Investment Bankers of India & world. Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is considered to be Indian version of Warren Buffet & a highly respectable Investment Banker, or so I used to think before today.

The reason the title of the article reads the way it is is that I watched his interview on CNBC TV18 today. Refer this link to get a brief of what he said. I should make a disclosure before I say anything further, I Really used to adore him till today. But in this interview all he was doing is to show that he knows how to count & he knows the technical levels of Nifty. He uttered all possible numbers in the span of 10 minutes or so. Thank god he stopped short of saying that Nifty could see a level of 1500 or may be say 8000 this year.

He said one of the scenarios could be that Nifty hits 6100 or higher then comes back to 3300-3500 & consolidates for 3-4 years at that level. Again in another question to him, he said he is really sure about the GDP growth in India & we could see a double digit GDP growth number in coming years. So now can anyone tell me if he is so sure about economy, then how on earth the scenario he mentioned is possible? To hit double digit GDP growth numbers the Nifty constituents have to grow at least by 20% y-o-y, which justifies a P/E ratio for Nifty of about 20-22 at least. Nifty current earnings are about Rs. 210 for the FY08-09. There is no negative growth in earning of Nifty as a whole. So assume 5% growth on Nifty which is the most pessimistic figure I can come to as of now. This still gives earnings for Nifty of about Rs. 221 for FY09-10 & range for Nifty would be 4400-4800 going by the history. Remember this is my most pessimistic target! So how could you justify a double digit growth for GDP from now on & still reaching levels of 3300-3500 & consolidate there for 3-4 years. There is only one sane explanation for the prediction; India would need to go through one of the worst recessions since 1991. Then may the god help us!

The only conclusion I could reach after watching the interview is that either Rakesh Jhunjhunwala has no clue where the markets would be heading (which I think is highly unlikely) or he is just trying to fool the viewers in the bright sunshine. In both cases I sincerely feel he should not be appearing on TV & expressing his opinions. Because the all the Investment bankers on Wall Street have earned very bad name for themselves in the downfall of Investment Banking as we used to know, & he should not add to the bad reputation. This is really detrimental for the people like yours truly, who aspire to be an Investment Banker & I sincerely do no wish to stand in the line of a breed that becomes most despicable after the politicians of course. So my earnest requests to Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is either guide people to right direction or just say, “I have no clue where market is heading.” or “I would not like to tell you & lose my opportunity to make money from it.”

The end result is I have lost one of my most venerable deities to cheapest level of lying & obfuscating hapless investors who are already floundering in darkness.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

GM to undergo Genetic Modification

GM or you may call it General Motors, which was regarded as a a champion of American Manufacturing prowess and which formed the part of " The BIG 3" trio of Detroit Auto Companies filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy on June 1, 09. This event was preceded by series of high level talks between GM and its shareholders to agree to a Debt Restructuring plan but it did not materialize due to tough stand taken by Bond holders. Let me remind that not only one of the BIG 3 is surviving i.e FORD Motor Company which has politely refused any govt. support. Chrysle also went Bankrupt about a month ago and is about to be sold to group led by FIAT of Italy.

GM which was the world's largest Car maker till 2008 filed for bankruptcy to create a smaller company with manageable balance sheets and which could compete in throat cut competiton of world markets. GM succumbed to falling Sales and rising GAS prices. At the time of bankruptcy GM reported $82.3 Billion Dollars of Assets as compared to $173 Billion of Debt obligations. The event is just like sinking of TITANIC, said Stephen Pope, global strategist at Cantor in London. It is the largest Automobile Bankruptcy ever.

As a part of restructuring US govt. would conver most of its $50 Billion of debt to GM( 30 + 20 earlier) into equity.This would translate into a 60% stake in " NEW GM". Another $9.5 Billion would come from Canadian Govt. GM in its bankruptcy filing named major debtors viz. Wilmington Trust($22.8Billion Dollars), UAW( United Aerospace, Automobile and Agricultral Implement workers of US), $20.6 Billion USD and Deutsche Bank $4.4 Billion.

GM also has to present Govt a proposal mentioning how it would rise on its feet as a more cost competitive company with a sstrong portfolio of fuel efficient small cars. GM will have to shed some of its brands like PONTIAC,HUMMER,SAAB,SATURN while it can retain CHEVROLET, BUICK will be retained by new GM.

With this GM will make an exit from DJIA(Dow Jones Industrial Average) along with another US Biggie CITGROUP.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Jai Ho

Welcome A. R. Rahman for 'Jai Ho' concert! in Pune

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Support Petition to Oppose an increase in FSI to 4 in Pune

Dear fellow Pune citizens,
It is apparent that Pune needs a comprehensive public transport system.. While we may debate and have personal opinions and preferences about whether we need a BEST like bus service, BRT or Metro (probably a combination of all), one thing every Punekar wants is to ensure that Pune does not become yet another crowded city like Mumbai. In the name of finding money to build a Metro and BRT (and funds for latter are already available from Central Govt) the PMC wants to pass a resolution to allow a FSI of 4 along the 110 km of BRT and 75 km of Metro. PMC wants to allow a strip 500 meters wide along Metro and 200 meters wide along BRT to be given a FSI of 4!!
Simply put, imagine buildings as tall as 16 floors along Satara road, JM and FC road, University Road, Karve road................
The biggest paradox is that the project report justifying the need for the Metro and the PMCs proposal for getting its General Body to approve for a FSI of 4 clearly state that Pune is already over crowded, that it needs efficient public transport including a Metro and then suggests that to increase ridership the areas around metro needs densification and hence a FSI of 4 is justified.
The time for staying a mute spectator is over. Its now down to every Punekar to raise a voice of opposition to stop the destruction of our city. I urge all to sign this petition against the idea of increasing the FSI.
Forward this to everyone. When 10000 people can come together in London to protest against G20 and Iraq war, I am sure Pune can manage to get 10000 people to sign a letter of protest through 3 simple clicks of the mouse.
Act or be Acted up on.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Give your views on SB Road, Pune - bus priority proposal

I am writing to with a request to give your opinion on the SB Road Bus Priority Proposal I have submitted to the PMC. To collect views of people, I have created a web survey form. You may offer their initial views by visiting this form here - This survey has only 4 Yes/No questions and a free text box for your comments / suggestions and should take only a minute of your time.

However, before filling out the, please make yourself acquanited with the SB Road Bus Priority Scheme Proposal from the two part documentation below -

Part One of the proposal is available here - (2MB)
Part Two (FAQ format) is available here - (1MB)

In summary, the SB road reportedly carries up to 58000 people per hour during peak time. Yet, this road is served by a fleet of 15 buses and 5 routes at a frequency of 1 bus every 46 minutes, worse if we take in to account the two trips per day made by the 6th bus route.SB road connects Aundh/Baner/Pashan with Paud/Kothrud/Deccan and many regions south of Karve road - none of these come anywhere close to proposed BRTS corridors. In fact BRTS corridors alone equate to just 10% of Pune's road length!! This proposal demonstrates that bus priority can be implemented on narrowest of roads and with route and frequency rationalisation, majority of Pune can be served very well with just 1000 buses.

Pune and the regions connected by SB road need better bus based public transport first and not the elevated road over SB road or indeed the short tunnels from Paud and Pashan to SB road. These measures will most certainly create another Nal Stop on SB Road by bringing far too much traffic from different directions on to SB road.

SB road, in its current state, despite carrying 58k people per hour is never congested or has no history of traffic jams. This is because there is only one junction of any significance on the entire road (Vetal Baba Chowk which brings small amount of traffic from Model Colony end, much of this areas traffic is shared with University road). Thus, the SB road acts almost like a via duct or an elevated road already. If it experiences any congestion, it is only at the University road end where the badly planned and executed flyover has rendered all exit / entry connections with SB road significantly narrowed.

As ICC Towers, residential blocks and 5 star hotels come up on SB road, many will be interested in visiting these facilitiess and an elevated road over SB road will only ensure that there is perpetual traffic congestion and jams under the much narrow roads under the elevated roads - this is experienced already around E-Square and those who have visited Mumbai would have experienced this in Parel area where an empty flyover connects to Mahalaxmi race course while narrow roads under the belly of the flyover are jammed as vehicles attempt to make way to the residential tower blocks and super markets built on adjacent mill land.

So please, do go through the above links and make sure to give 2 minutes of your time filling out the survey

Part one covers in more detail and is 31 pages long:

  1. Current state of SB Road – demonstrates sub-optimal use of available road space along side blatant abuse of an arterial road for parking Proposal – SB road bus priority scheme
  2. Extension of the scheme to BMCC, Bhandarkar and Prabhat roads as well as FC and JM roads.
  3. Law College, Paud phata and Sus-Pashan roads get a mention as well in the grand scheme of things.
  4. Route / frequency Rationalisation and overall mapping of North-Western Pune.
    Conclusions & acknowledgements
  5. The FAQ / Part Two also has several additional details and is 9 pages long.

My best wishes to you and your family for the new year. Lets continue our resolve to ensure the administration provides the right facilities rather than spend public money on irrational flyovers, elevated roads and tunnels. Please feel free to forward / share the above with all you can.

Warm regards & thanks.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I did my Engineering from VIT - Pune in 1991 and after working for 7 years in Pune thereafter, stayed away for the next 7, before coming back to Pune in 2005. I remember our college days, when we used to love watching a few good English movies at Alka and Rahul. We must have watched "Mackenna's Gold" each year (yes, this movie played every year of my engineering) and were devout fans of Die-hard. Another such movie was "The Good, The Bad and the Ugly".

Fans will recall the memorable climax scene where our protagonist (not sure if he was really portrayed as one, but we liked to believe that he was) gets into a shooting match with Bad and Ugly. The sheer tension of the scene, the uncertainity, the painful suspense, and the gripping finale.

Good wins!

I see a similar drama unfolding in the real estate market of Pune today. When I got back in 2005, properties in Kothrud were quoting over Rs. 3000 per square foot. And I thought they were expensive! Today they hover around 5 - 6000. I never found value there. I found it utterly foolish and risky that working professionals like me should leverage 80% of their current income over the next 20 years in the hope that salaries would increase and the pains would ease. Everyone told me that real-estate prices can only go one way - North. Well, that's what the Americans thought before sub-prime hit them and we faced DOW minus 777 yesterday.

Back then, banks were lending at 7.25% interest rates. The low EMI and additional liqudity tricked buyers into taking on credit risks without any thought of a possible rise in the interest rate. Many well-wishers told me - prices can only move north and the interest rate - South. Well, I thank the "Sanskar" of my father who taught me extreme caution in borrowing. If you loose your own money, you become poor. If you loose borrowed money, you become bankrupt and effectively a slave to a system which will eke every last penny out of you till the day you die.

I have seen hardships of people as the interest grew. All these days, our great finance minister felt that a 5 fold rise in property prices meant a 5 fold rise in wealth. Well, I think different. If "Roti, Kapda aur Makaan" are the primary needs of humans, then if I were an economist, I would add the real estate prices to the Consumer Price Index and count it in inflation. Had the governments of the world seen it this way, they would have arrested this un-real real-estate growth in time. But that was not to be.

So this finds us in the position of the climax of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. As a long waiting buyer, I am waiting for prices to fall. The Builder is waiting for the Government to make a move by reducing interest to spur demand. The Government is helpless. A decrease in Interest rates could mean inflation would run away to newer highs. Not reducing interest means many builders could get wiped off. Considering the well known nexus between the builders and politicians, the problem becomes even more complex. Add to this complexity, the prospect of facing the electorate in an election year with a run-away inflation.

The Climax of The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Each waiting to see.....
Who blinks first?!!!

Watch this space closely. The drama will unfold.


Vishwajeet Rajwaday

The author is a sales and marketing professional originating from Pune. He also writes about his profession on his personal blog -

Friday, September 19, 2008

How Good is your Road Safety Knowledge - download the 170 questions e-quiz

For some time now I have been working towards making available an Interactive road safety quiz database for Indian road users. Here is the entire quiz database of 170 questions available as two interactive quiz e-book's to test your knowledge of road safety related issues. This is a free downloadable resource for all who are preparing to sit the theory driving test as a part of licensing procedure. The latter is rare as most states in India still have not implemented a mandatory theory test for learner drivers. Hope is that Road Traffic Authorities in India use the above as a starting point for implementing a mandatory theory test for all new learner drivers. This resource is also likely to be a perfect way of refreshing the knowledge base of those who have been driving for several years. The 170 questions are available as two separate e-books. Basic Road Safety Quiz / test (67 questions in all) - As an exe file or as a zipped file (under 1mb). Advanced Road safety Quiz / test (103 questions in all) - exe file or as a zipped file (just over 1mb). Feel free to forward and share this resource with everyone.
Adhiraj Joglekar

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

पहिला मराठी ब्लॉग

नमस्कार ,
हा माझा पहिला मराठी ब्लॉग आहे । इथून पुढे नहामी मराठी लिहन्याचा प्रयन्त करणार आहे ।

Friday, June 27, 2008

BRT - Why it does not excite me

The Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) as it is currently planned in India is suggested as the one-size-fit-all solution to our transport woes. Having travelled on Mumbai’s bus service (BEST) for thirty years & London’s public transport since 2001, I can’t share the optimism of those who believe BRT (as it is currently planned) is the way forward. When senior citizens, children & disabled struggle to cross the roads safely, one would hope for a solution that improves all aspects of mobility. I wonder why a city like Pune would spend crores of rupees on BRT when 40% of its roads don’t have pavements. That almost a third of Pune citizens commute by walking makes the question more poignant.

I have for some time now tried to find an answer to the question. My quest has led me to assess available information on the BRT projects implemented in India’s two cities. My understanding has grown but as have the questions. Our BRT planners unfortunately have overlooked many issues.

My analysis is as detailed as I could make it, I also regularly update it and it has several links to case studies / examples, those interested please visit

Adhiraj Joglekar

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Walking the Hills

Walking the hills

The City of Pune, is one of the few fortunate cities, to have a range of hills, right in the middle of the metropolis. These hills, even boast of a modest peak, about Eight Hundred meters high. A very rudimentary temple of a tribal God called ‘Vetaal’ exists on this peak along with an observation tower, which is mainly used by Fire Brigade people. The people therefore call this entire range of hills as ‘Vetaal’ hills.

I have been wondering and trekking on these hills, ever since I was a school-going lad. As young boys, we would aimlessly wonder amongst the hills and dales on many afternoons and early evenings. Now days, I take a calculated walk along a fixed route, as a part of my daily fitness routine. Nevertheless, the joy, the exhilaration and the feel good factor after the walks, has remained just same over the years. Pune is known for its salubrious and temperate climate through out the year and the hills reflect that climate. Some people call the hills, ‘The Lungs of the city’, as highly polluted city air is somewhat absorbed and cleansed by the abundant, lush green, foliage in the dales.

With ‘Vetaal peak’ as central point, the hills spread over an area of about ten square kilometers in almost all directions, with beautiful dales created between the hills. A thick sub tropical forest covers these dales to a wide extent. On the hilltops, patchy forest cover augments the natural wilderness of the hills. A stone quarry, no longer exploited due to opposition from environmentalists, adds to the beauty of the view from north. Entire area is interlaced with small footways. At many places, heavily grown foliage, completely covers the footways and provides cool shadowy spots even at noontime. West side extension of the hills is rocky and bare, except for few shrubs and seasonal grasses. This may be because of the exposure of this side of the hills to scorching hot sun light through out the year, which results into low level of moisture in the soil. In addition, the terrain here is such that torrential monsoon rainwater carries away whatever little top soil, may be there. On the other side, in a very wise move, the forestry department has handed over the northern part of the dale to a private trust, for developing a nature preserve. I have been observing this area for last couple of years and going by the growth and the quantum of the trees, which this trust has planted here, the area is likely to develop into a botanical conservatory of great natural beauty.

To a regular trekker, the hills appear to change with seasons or even with time of the day. Dawns in summer are very different from sunsets and the landscape appears vastly different during rains, as compared to summer or winter. Nevertheless, I always feel that the hills look delightfully picturesque; whatever may be the season or the time of the day.

Now days, I walk the hills, early in the morning as the dawn breaks. There is a vista point on my route, from where; view to the east is clear and unobstructed. I watch the Sunrise from here every day in summer. Even if the sky is clear, some cloud patterns are always seen on the horizon, creating a fascinating Sunrise spectacle. As first light breaks through the hilltop forest, rows and rows of denuded, white skinned ‘Dhup’ trees, appear in your view like gigantic sculptures from outer space. With the advent of Monsoon rains, dark green foliage returns to the forest, creating a mysterious façade. Every nook and corner of the forest appears bewitchingly secretive. The grasses at some points grow tall and hide the footways completely.

There is not much wild life on the hills. One can see occasionally, some wild rabbits being chased by stray dogs. Peacocks are seen more often, particularly during summer months in the denuded forest. If one sticks to the footways, reptiles maintain their healthy distance and do not come in way. I remember to have seen some huge birds and owl only couple of times.

During my school days, I learnt a very valuable experience on these hills. Five or Six of us were going for a walk, when a strong muscled ruffian approached us and threatened us for no reason. He was carrying a big stick and all of us were very scared. Next day after much discussion, we decided to take the same route. To our horror, we found the same hooligan coming our way. Even though we had not planned any attack, all of us felt so angry that we pounced on him as if given a cue. His bullying strength and tactics did not work against combined strength of five or six small boys. His big stick was broken couple of times and under our combined onslaught, the tough guy was beaten to our heart’s content and finally started crying.

As the city grows, there are many here, who want to cut roads and tunnels through the hills. Fortunately, this has not happened so far. If it happens, it certainly would be one of the sad days of my life.

6th February 2008

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Midnight Musings

Yawn...2:00 AM yet sleep eludes me. A caffeine boost at this point can fill your head with all sorts of philosophical questions or cravings for cheesecake. The question which is haunting me now is the purpose of the internet. While the internet is a great repository of knowledge how far has it come forth to help the Indian student community? Yes, I know that it is an invaluable source of research where you often get ready made material without ever visiting the hallowed temples of your college library. However, what interests me now is that even though there is a profusion of social networking sites, very few actually serve a real purpose. For all those who are going to pitch spiels about the need for interaction and the ‘human touch’ which is fast disappearing in this ever shrinking world I will not bother to challenge you. My question is entirely different.

How does the world of internet truly help us? Sure facebooking (now a recognized verb) is fun but inane poking and scrapping and adding applications can only get you so far. Since its 2:00 and I’m not really coherent, humor me by reading on a little further about these musings of mine. You must all have college notice boards where various notices about lost wallets, events around campus, the odd student looking to buy a book, someone looking for a pg etc. find their way. Many of these are replaced by other notices within days, no hours; others get ripped and thrown away, some are lost in a deluge of other similar looking listings and only a few persistent ones serve their purpose. As a means of advertisement whether for accommodation or car pools, notes or events this is so far the only medium we have. Now wouldn’t it be great if all the notice boards of a university could be brought together to lessen the work that students have to do. I mean c’mon we are a lazy bunch at heart and don’t raise that eyebrow because if we weren’t there, wouldn’t be so many dubious guides floating around. The all powerful entity that is the internet can certainly be utilized to meet this need.

Surfing through the net I came across one such site which is a Mecca for student needs. It is a site created by recent pass outs who recognized the paucity of actually useful sites among myriad networking sites. is a boon which has come forth to lessen the burden on young shoulders.. This site offers the solution to all our student problems and needs metaphorically under one roof. Ads relating to housing, jobs, merchandise, various services and more are brought together on this site. Despite being quite technologically impaired I can safely say that this site is extremely user friendly and a much more convenient way to solve our problems. No longer will we have to exert the ‘physical labour’ required to put up ads on the college notice board, check the responses, check other ads and run to other colleges to put up posters for events. This site has virtually wiped away any effort required on our part as everything is available at the touch of a button.

This site aims at creating a community much like the social networking sites but the important point of divergence is that this site actually serves a useful purpose and meets need that is strongly felt. There are no intermediaries or touts who offer the solution to every problem but at a price. On this site it is the student community which has to come together to form a strong network and help themselves by helping others. The clincher here is that this site offers its services absolutely free of cost.

While generations have depended on notice boards, the next step is now here and we must not miss this opportunity. There is now an actual way to maximize the efficiency of the purpose our ads serve and it would certainly be foolish if we do not avail ourselves of this chance. I mean, think about it. If we had not accepted Sabeer Bhatia’s proposition to make life easier for us through hotmail I would probably not be here writing this and expect it to reach you. The site certainly has the potential to revolutionize the way we function and the winds of change must not be stopped.

The caffeine high is slowly wearing off and my eyes are now becoming heavy. Must…..visit…………site……*snores*

Monday, December 24, 2007 - Complete Job Placement System

"Everyone wants to work within 20 mins of their house" -

JCI Nagpur Green City is launching - a complete job placement system, in association with JC Vinay Yadav's VinayRas Infotech.

Employers can now use a new service on the Internet to find the best people to fill their jobs., a website dedicated to putting the right people in the right jobs, has established an Internet database where job seekers and employers can match their needs, thanks to a unique system, called, designed to help employers find the right people for their jobs and help job seekers land jobs in which they will succeed.

JC Vijay Godheji had a vision to provide such a resource that could help JCI members to look for employee. This website is the result

JC Vinay Yadav, the brain behind, Says

"We know there are already many job boards on the Internet, so we've taken the concept to a higher level, Our technology gives local companies the power to identify job seekers who meet their specific qualifications, but it also identifies the 'best of the best' through a sophisticated, but easy to use, process that measures the intangible factors and targets extraordinary job candidates. Best of all, available at no cost for employers and job seekers.

Our intent, is to match jobs and people for the mutual benefit of employer and employee. Companies don't hire bad people, but they do make bad matches, resulting in employee turnover. While helps employers reduce turnover and increase productivity, it also helps employees by helping them find jobs they will enjoy because they can do them well. Our system helps employees avoid stress, tension, and conflict in their work," is also trying to partner with area colleges, universities, high school and trade schools to provide students and graduates with an efficient and convenient link to the work place.

"We expect that students and other job candidates will find that is an effective tool for marketing themselves and their skills"
Post Jobs (For Employers)
Job can be posted by any of the following methods:
1) Login to the website ( and post your job.
2) Email to, and the webmaster will take care of rest
3) Drop a printout of your job at official address.

Posted jobs will be visible to all visitors throughout the globe. Also, it will be emailed/SMS to all job-seekers who have applied for job alerts. Jobs will also be distributed to other network websites through google and other website.
Post Resume (For Job Seekers)
"The National Online Recruitment Audience Survey 2006 found that 43% of the 19,000 jobseekers it surveyed had applied for their jobs by attaching a CV, compared to 28% who had filled in a profile form."

-> Fill up the form with all details
-> Upload Microsoft Word Document file
-> Upload a Video Resume*
What is Video Resume: It is a video of candidate reading out his biodata in front of camera.

What next?:
Apart from job system, has several other features such as blog to share your thoughts, discussion forums to discuss things, events calendar, Article from experts, Resume writing tips, Interview tips, and career counselling guide, and many more. is coming up with several innovative features:
- Classifieds System: Advertise your services with
- Career Guidance Section (in association with is a website that focuses on career tips and entrance / competitive exam preparation.
- Many more

Please visit http:/

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oldies from Bharati Vidyapeeth

Dear All,

Just wanted to know if there are any old timers from Bharati Vidyapeeth college for Diploma from the year 1988 period.

Would like to know a few names and wanted to touch base with them...

Any help would be greatful.


Monday, August 20, 2007

For want of a nail - the kingdom was lost.

The US-India Atomic Energy Act promises to be the one of the most crucial treaties of the modern times. This is an act that not only establishes co-operation between the largest and the richest democracy's - but is also an harbinger to enhanced ties between these two giants.

In a time when even the signatory members of the controversial NPT - countries such as Iran and the once ratified North-Korea are facing flak from the rest of the world for developing nuclear technologies - here we have a non-signatory member being offered an option for technology transfer. This move is not only unprecedented, but also a great moral victory on a global stage for India.

It is an win-win situation for both countries as one can see it. India - a developing country facing acute power crisis gets accelerated access to advanced technology to fulfill its power needs and also establishes friendly ties with the most powerful and like-minded friend that one can have. United States on the other hand has clear commercial benefits to reap - and the added advantage of cozying up to a sleeping giant that is well on its way to wake up and dominate the coming century. It is in the interest of both countries to continue to build their relationship to next levels.

The deal looks all set to augur a new era in world politics - one that not only confirms the eastward shifting of the balance of world power - but in a way, also signals an unspoken acceptance to India's concerns over the nuclear-discrimination caused by NPT .

All of it was looking good - until a few spoil-sports, started creating obstacles - for reasons that seems to be inspired from local and petty political considerations.

It is sad to see the state of affairs.

Those opposing the deal, do not even site concrete reasons/solutions/alternatives to solve the energy crisis the country is facing. They talk about dangers of getting 'too close' to the capitalist powers of the United States - while conveniently ignore the very poignant fact that India has been registering record GDP rates only due to the money flowing in from this 'capitalist' country.

It is my hope that such short sighted political agendas do not derail the chance of a greater good-will and common-sense to prevail.

It reminds me of a poem I heard when I was perhaps seven years old. May be - politicians should brush up their third standard literature syllabus - they surely seem to be behaving like seven year olds !

For want of a nail the shoe was lost.
For want of a shoe the horse was lost.
For want of a horse the rider was lost.
For want of a rider the battle was lost.
For want of a battle the kingdom was lost.
And all for the want of a horseshoe nail.

Heres hoping that for the want of the nail of petty polics we do not loose us the kingdom of friendly co-operative co-existence.

* The Views expressed are opinions of the Individual Writer - not necessarily attributable to any group.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

$40 Million Hindu Temple in Toranto - One of the most beautiful Temples in The World

The Indo-Canadian community raised $40 million to construct the mandir, and received no government funding. There are also stone mandirs in Houston, Chicago, and London, England, as well as India.
The mandir is carved entirely out of stone and marble following ancient Indian traditions. The builders used no steel or nails; instead, interlocking stones support the heavy ceiling.
Limestone for the many stone carvings was shipped from Turkey to India. There, craftsmen carved the stone using mainly chisels and hammers. When finished, each piece was shipped by sea to Toronto. Turkish limestone was chosen for its ability to weather Canadian winters.
It took 18 months to build the mandir. The temple is made of Turkish limestone, Italian marble and Indian pink sandstone. Bar codes and computer tracking ensured the pieces would be assembled properly, much like a high-tech jigsaw puzzle.Construction reached a hectic pace in the final week before the official opening.The foundation of the mandir alone weighs 3,000 tonnes. It required the largest amount of concrete ever poured at a construction site in a single day in Canada.
For more Pics and Details Click here

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Documentary film on plight of sewerage workers

In a unique venture, the civic employees union here has produced a documentary film titled "Kacharakondi" to highlight the plight and sub-human conditions of sewerage workers with a view to create an awareness about the ills plaguing public health system.

Read in detail at

The Medicine Man

Outrageously Funny. I almost died laughing after reading this hilarious piece. Presenting you the Medicine Man live and direct from the Himalayas.

# Look out for Shankar bhagwan emerging out of the Himalayas
# Look out for all the known species of animals going haywire over Himalayas.
# Lastly, comment on your fav. line from the writeup.

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Welcome on board Mr.Lawson

Get ready for the new fast and furious. With Pakistan appointing Geoff Lawson, former Australian fast bowler, their new coach; we can expect the old ghosts to haunt us again. Pakistan has produced some illustrious fast bowlers over a period with names like Sarfraz Nawaz, Imran Khan, Waqar Younis, Wasim Akram (the greatest left-arm fast bowler ever to play the game), Mohd. Asif and Shoaib Akhtar. The list keeps on adding every year. I always wondered the way Pakistan excavated high-quality fast bowlers at will and at regular intervals. It is a no brainer for us to think what their toe-crushing yorkers or their bouncers did to our batsmen.

Lately, with the exception of Mohd. Asif the Pakistan bowlers had ceased to pose any threat to any of our batsmen. They were nowhere near the class of the earlier mentioned crop, neither they had the tenacity to work hard and come out stronger. However, with Lawson at the helm of affairs, Indian batsmen's nightmares resurface again. They would also want to take their protective gear out and start practice facing yorkers and bouncers. Irrespective of nationality, and thinking purely in terms of cricket, there is no better sight in world cricket than a tear away fast bowler up against the best batsmen with speed, accuracy and hostility. The sight of flaying bails and walking stumps does not get any better. Bring it on, Mr. Lawson.

About Pakistan's new coach: Geoff Lawson has a histroy of working with bowlers like Glenn McGrath, Brett Lee, Stuart Clark and Nathan Bracken. He has mentored Mark Taylor and Steve Waugh when he was captaining New South Wales team. A brief coaching stint again with New South Wales from 1995-1997, saw the team finish on fifth and third position. Lawson is a qualified level 3 coach.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Jos Search in Pune

Hi All, is a one-stop search engine for all jobs in india.

"'s goal is to make job search easier. We think that traditional online job search methods take too much time and make it difficult for job seekers to find a comprehensive set of relevant jobs, so we strive to create tools that make web-based job listings more accessible and our search results more relevant.

Our job search engine provides quick access to jobs found on thousands of employer websites and job boards all around the web and offers features that will help you find the jobs you're looking for more efficiently. If you have ideas about how we can make your job search easier, please contact us with your suggestions."

There are currently more than 2800 jobs posted for pune. To view jobs in pune visit,

For more refined search, please visit

Good Day
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PMC goes online

Get your civic problems solved within 72 hours by lodging complaints via Internet. This is a claim from PMC

"PUNE: Pothole at your doorstep or water-logging on the road to your residence? Just log on to and get the problem fixed within 72 hours.

That's what the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has promised under its citizen-friendly initiative in association with the Citizens’ Empowerment Forum (CEF).Complaints related to roads, water-logging, uneven manholes or choked drains can be reported on the website.
Municipal commissioner Pravinsinh Pardeshi said complaints registered on the website will be transferred to the concerned junior engineers and contractors via SMS."

Read more and share your thoughts at

You can rent a motorcycle in Pune

Renting a motorcycle will be easier now.

"PUNE: A motorcycle on hire! Yes, that's what you will be able to do under the rent-a-motorcycle service, which is expected to become operational in the city soon. The scheme is awaiting clearance from the regional transport authority (RTA), after which it will be implemented in Pune and Solapur. Speaking to TOI on Thursday, Sarjerao Shelke, deputy regional transport officer, Pimpri-Chinchwad, said that the state transport authority had given the clearance to Kinetic Marketing and Services, a Kinetic group concern, to start the service in both the cities. A permit to operate the motorcycles will be given after approval from the RTA. Shelke said the company had applied for registration of 20 motorcycles initially, the fleet will be increased to 50 in the next six months."

Read more and leave your feedback at

Monday, July 02, 2007 - A complete portal for Punekars

Hi All,

I have been trying to make a complete portal for Pune people. Though the website is still under heavy construction, i would like you all to have a look and leave your comments/suggestions.

Presently this website features:

  • Blog for each member
  • Full featured Classified system
  • Latest jobs available in Pune (in association with
  • Business Directory
  • Upcoming Events
And many other such useful information.

The fact that separates this website from others is that - this website allows active member participations in all online activities. One can comment on posts, post blog, post classifieds, inform about upcoming events, etc

Please visit and send your comments at

Vinay Yadav

Friday, June 29, 2007

Rani Abbakka

"Abbakka rode the horse stately and worked deep into the night dispensing justice. She is the last known person to have Agnivana (fire arrow)."

Rani Abbakka, though a Queen of a little known small princely state, Ullal, near Mangalore, in present day Karnataka, was a magnetic woman of indomitable courage and patriotism. While Rani Jhansi has become a symbol of courage, Abbakka, nearly 300 years her predecessor, has been largely forgotten by history. Her furious wars with Portuguese are not well recorded. But whatever is available speaks of a luminous personality of awesome valour and bravery.
Sources, such as archival records, travelogues of several Portuguese travelers and historical analysis confirm that there were three Abbakkas: mother and two daughters, who fought against the Portuguese Army between 1530 and 1599.

Rani Abbakka Statue, Ullal, Karnataka

Though it is the second daughter who was the most courageous, the folklore treats all three Abbakkas as one great Queen and a brilliant personality Abbakka Mahadevi or Rani Abbakka. In this article also she is being treated as a single character - Abbakka Rani.

Ullal fort, the capital of Abbakka's kingdom, is located just a few kilometers away from the city of Mangalore, on the shores of the Arabian Sea. It is a historical as well as a pilgrim spot because of the beautiful Shiva Temple built by the Queen and a unique natural rock, called the Rudra Rock. The rock appears to change colours every second, as the sweater splashes on it.

According to local legends. Abbakka was an extraordinary child and as she grew up showed
signs of being a visionary. there was no equal to her in military science and warfare, mainly in archery and sword fighting. Her father encouraged her in this and after she was well versed in all areas, she was married to a neighbouring local king of Bangher. The marriage did no last long with Abbakka breaking the ties by returning the jewels given by his to her. The husband thus nurtured revenge against Abbakka and later on joined the Portuguese in a treaty, to fight Abbakka.

The Portuguese had made several attempts to capture Ullal, strategically placed. But Abbakka had repulsed each of their attack with sheer courage and ingenuity. The queen's story is retold from generation to generation through folk songs and yakshagana, the popular folk theatre, In bootaradhana, (which literally means appeasing the possessed, a local ritual dance) the personal in trance narrates the great deeds of Abbakka Mahadevi. Abbakka, dark and good looking, always dressed in simple clothes like a common village woman. She rode the horse stately and worked deep into the night dispensing justice.

According to the folklore, Abbakka is the last known person to have the Agnivana (fire-arrow) in her fight against the Portuguese. Though Abbakka was a Jain by faith her administration was well represented by Hindus and Muslims. Her army too consisted of people from all sects and caste including Mogaveeras, a fisher folk community. The first attack by the Portuguese in south Kanara coast was in 1525, when they destroyed the Mangalore port. Rani Abbakka was alerted by the incident and started preparing herself to protect her kingdom. In 1555, the Portuguese sent Admiral Don Alvaro da Silvereira against the Queen of Ullal Abbakka Devi Chowta who had refused to pay them the tribute. She fought with courage and intelligence and pushed them back.

In 1558 the Portuguese Army perpetrated another wanton cruelty on Mangalore, putting to death a number of men and women, both young and old, plundering a temple, burning ships and finally setting the city itself on fire.
Again, in 1567, the Portuguese army attacked Ullal, showering death and destruction. The great Queen Abbakka Devi Chowta (Bucadevi I) resisted it.

The same year one general Joao Peixoto was sent by the Portuguese Viceroy Antony Norohna with a fleet of soldiers. He captured the city of Ullal and also entered the royal court. However the Queen escaped and took asylum in a mosque. The same night, she counter-attacked the Portuguese army, with a help of 200 of her soldiers and killed General Peixoto and 70 Portuguese soldiers.

The invaders were forced to flee to their ships in disgrace. The Portuguese soldiers who remained in Ullal were dead drunk, in over confidence and were dancing. Taking advantage of this opportunity, about 500 Muslim supporters of Abbakka Rani attacked the Portuguese and killed Admiral Mascarenhas along with the help six thousand Muslim soldiers in 1568, and the foreign army had to leave the Mangalore fort.

In 1569, the Portuguese Army not only regained the Mangalore Fort but also captured Kundapur (Basrur). Abbakka Rani was a source of threat to the Portuguese. They won the confidence of Abbakka's estranged husband, kind of Bangher and started attacking Ulla. Abbakka Rani fought vigorously.

She formed an alliance in 1570 with Bijapur Sultan Ahmed Nagar and the Zanmorine of Calicut, who where also opposing the Portuguese. Kutty Pokar Markar, a general of the Zamorine fought on behalf of Abbakka and destroyed the Portuguese fort at Mangalore but while returning he was killed by the Portuguese.

Abbakka lost the war as her husband assisted the Portuguese by revealing to them her strategies of warfare, which he was familiar with. She was arrested and jailed. However, the warrior that she was, she was, she revolted in the prison and died as a soldier - fighting.
Though Abbakka has been admired and worshipped in the local folk forms, it is very recently there there have been efforts to honour her memory.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Hinjewadi IT Park: An Avalanche in waiting

Hinjewadi IT Park
An Avalanche in waiting

It is 9 am, Monday morning and we are yet again stuck in traffic jam on the ‘usual’ road to our company. If the Monday blues are not enough to fight it out, we have regular traffic jams at Hinjewadi. It is getting worse everyday. Right from the time, we enter the Mumbai-Pune highway leading to the expressway.

The whole stretch leading to Hinjewadi is anything but safe. The road has uncalled U-turns, both government made and man-made, at junctions where cars are zooming at high-speed. There is at least one accident or mishap everyday involving the local village people and IT executives on this dangerous road. Not to mention the ‘white death’ (read cab drivers) flooding the road with unwarranted speeds and breaking traffic laws at will. The irony of all this is, you would hardly see a traffic police officer to help matters.

The trouble starts from the Sadanand Resort Chowk, where cars, bikes, transport carriers, company buses hoard from all the sides. The traffic department has not bothered to install a traffic signal, may be they are waiting for the Commonwealth Games to come to Hinjewadi. But that would be a bit too late for the locals and the IT guys working in Hinjewadi who can take no more of this chowk. If at all you happen to escape that horrid chowk, you get trapped at the Octroi Post where at least 20-30 trucks occupy the road which goes inside the Hinjewadi IT Park. The thin lane road which takes you to Hinjewadi IT Park reminds you of other small crapped roads of Sadashiv peth or other peths of Pune. For starters, sadly it is the only way to the IT Park. With the second phase of the IT Park booming and companies making Hinjewadi their adobe, this small road can not at all equipped to handle huge traffic. The petrol pumps, encroachments, lack of traffic officers and no planning makes matters worse by the day. Even inside the IT Park, there are no speed limits or appropriate speed-breakers to control the speeds of the cab drivers or company buses. Oh yes, I see police officers doing their favorite thing, picking up two-wheelers from illegal parking zones in the IT Park and minting money from the already bugged junta. They come only for that, otherwise it is hard to spot a single police officer.

I am also increasingly getting a feeling that big chaos awaits at the Hinjewadi IT Park, God forbid, if some calamity, terrorist attack or any other unfortunate incident falls upon us. The simple reason being, the roads are too small for the first and second phase to escape from the IT Park at a single time and there are only two suitable roads to run away. Working in the IT Park is more or less like a mousetrap. The recent fire in a warehouse near a software company highlighted another problem, the lack of Fire Brigade in the IT Park. Still there are no measurements taken to provide one.

I have not even started to underline the mental and physical stress for It guys due to traffic jams, the precious time wasted everyday, that costs huge money to the company. The talent we lose to death on the highway, loss of property and so on. Everyday IT companies from the IT Park are losing money due to traffic jams in Hinjewadi and Wakad as employees are not able to login on time. The case being that of lots of call centers and technical supports engineers, besides others, who have to attend important meetings or discussions. Request you all to pass on this message to one and all IT Guys who work in Hinjewadi. Something has to be done to avoid an avalanche of sorts, before it is too late.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

' Mungaru Male ' - Pre- Monsoon delight

' Mungaru Male ', which opened at E-Square from Monday (11th June, 2007) is an excellent Kannada Movie, which has been breaking all past records in the 73 year old, Kannada film industry, since it released in the last week of December, 2006.

Mungaru Male in Kannada means 'Pre-Monsoon Rain'. It is only sheer co-incidence that this movie has opened during the pre-monsoon period in Pune.

The movie stars, Ganesh and Sanjana Gandhi in the lead roles, supported by Anant Nag, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagadeesh and
Padmaja Rao in the supporting roles.

The film has been shot in Karnataka's visually stunning Malnad region., during the rainy season. The film has breathtaking shots of Jog falls, the highest waterfall in India. Cinematography by Krishna, is one of the high points of the film. Music by Manomurthy, the California based, CEO turned music director, who shot to fame with his very first film, 'America America', has become popular all over Karnataka.

Ganesh, the hero of the film, who is a household name throughout Karnataka, through his popular TV Show 'Comedy Time', had earlier found moderate success in his first movie 'Chellata'.

The film's story line revolves around, Preetham, a city bred, happy go lucky, son of a rich father(Jai Jagadeesh), who falls for Nandini, the daughter of his Mother's(Sudha Belwadi) close friend(Padmaja Rao), when he accompanies his mother to a wedding.

The film has made a fortune at the boxoffice garnering 40 Crores till date. It is the3 only film which is running to packed house, 4 shows daily in PVR Multiplex, Bangalore.

Its also the first Kannada film, which has been screened worldwide, at places like Washington, London, San Jose, Melbourne, Stuttgart, Atlanta.

The songs, onde onde saari, mungaru maleye, kunidu kunidu baare, suvvi suvvaali, anisuthide yaako, araluthiru, ivanu geleyanalla sung by Kunal Ganjawala, Priya Hemesh, Sonu Nigam, Udit Narayan, Sunidhi Chauhan, Stephen, Shreya Goshala, Hemanth Kumar, have been on the top of the charts for a long time now.

Fantastic, Cinematagraphy, lilting tunes and fantastic performances makes , Mungaru Male a must watch movie.

The response to the movie from the Kannada community in Pune has been unprecedented. It is the only movie running to packed house at E-Square in the 8.50 PM slot. Heartening, thing is that families of Kannadigas, young, old and kids alike have been enjoying the movie.

Non-Kannada speakers are also enjoying the movie, which is a shot in the arm for the movie and goes to prove the point that art has no barriers.

Playing at: E-Square, University Road, Pune.
Time: 8.50 PM

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' Mungaru Male ' - Pre- Monsoon delight

' Mungaru Male ', which opened at E-Square from Monday (11th June, 2007) is an excellent Kannada Movie, which has been breaking all past records in the 73 year old, Kannada film industry, since it released in the last week of December, 2006.
Mungaru Male in Kannada means 'Pre-Monsoon Rain'. It is only sheer co-incidence that this movie has opened during the pre-monsoon period in Pune.

The movie stars, Ganesh and Sanjana Gandhi in the lead roles, supported by Anant Nag, Sudha Belawadi, Jai Jagadeesh and

Friday, June 08, 2007

Microsoft Surface - You gotta watch this

Microsoft unveiled a brand new product for POS interfaces - Microsoft Surface. It’s multi-touch, as seen in the computer demo videos that we’ve seen online for ages, and it is very similar to the interface of Apple’s upcoming iPhone.
This new technology from Microsoft, which is essentially a computer table, if popular, will bring about a fundamental change in the way we interact with computers. Fanboy bias aside…this is really, really cool.
You can check out some videos explaining how Microsoft Surface works, by clicking here.

The Surface has to be the most intuitive computer ever built. The 30-inch flat panel monitor belies the technology stacked below it. From photos to maps, to clicking photos and transferring them to your phone-all done wirelessly- by simply placing the devices on the Surface seem to play magic tricks on your eyes. The explanatory video leaves you spell bound to the unlimited possibilities achieved by this computer. Running on a Windows Vista platform, the touchscreen allows you to grab, resize and manipulate things in a jiffy. Ideal for bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels and other places where interaction with menus, maps, games or other information is maximum. The use of mouse and keyboards seems redundant. The Surface can recognize and interact with media devices placed on it wirelessly and effortlessly.The Surface from Microsoft has been snapped up by T-Mobile stores, Harrah’s and Sheraton hotels for about $10,000 a piece. The first lot will ship later this year.


What would happen if Google turns it site into completely black? We will save approximately 750 Megawatts-hours an year!
According to a recent blogpost by Mark Ontkush, black google will save 750 Megawatts-hours an year taking into consideration the popularity of the same.
Subsequently, someone went ahead and custom made a google serach engine on a completely black page. Evidently, the page is called as Blackle. Now there is a new angle to usability engineers while designing a web page and that is energy preservation.
Kudos to those people who came up with the concept. I have already started preserving energy. Have you?